Amy Winehouse dead

Viscant suicide incoming. I thought she died a couple years ago but I guess not.

lol my boy is going fuckin in on her on facebook:

I don’t know why I participated in that SRK Dead Pool contest. If you asked me if I thought that broad was gonna live past 5 years looking like a Resident Evil mid-boss… I would’ve said sure why not, because I know it’s messed up treating death like it’s a game. But in my head I’m thinking “5 is generous.” Congrats Sovi3t!


Well she looked like a walking corpse while she was alive so i guess this makes things official.

Should have posted it 30 minutes earlier?

Words can’t express how shocked I ain’t.

I wasnt home, i got back and saw a thread wasnt made so i made one, then this one popped up

People dying over dumb shit lately.

Thread should be winner of the annual “Unsurprising Title of the Year”

I’m a bit sad but not really surprised.

Her BF is the cause of her downward spiral into drugs and alcohol. She was amazingly talented but didn’t care about her life so I won’t either, more concerned about what the fuck happened in Norway yesterday, that shit is crazy!!

That’s messed up. All of this over a stupid boyfriend. Very sad.

Why am I not suprised…

Expect the news to promote this outrageously in the coming week or so while they overlook real worldwide issues.

He should’ve gone first

Thanks taito. I don’t think I’ve laughed any harder at a post in a while.

There’s a bazooka and save ribbon in the boiler room but you have to beat the plant monster first to get the blue ruby to place in the eye of the statue in the science lab that holds the key to the basement. 3 rocket hits and she’ll fall off the bridge, then you can move on to Disc 2!

Nikki Sixx had an ironic (yet poignant) reaction on Twitter: “Drugs suck.How much clearer does the message have to be? R.I.P. Amy Winehouse”

She’s part of the 27 club now