An acceptable Super Smash Bros digital fight stick setup?

i have a question? I’ve heard things different answers on this technical question: How many diffrent run speeds are there in Super Smash Bros? (from 64 to Switch)

I’ve heard answer that there are only 5 zones, run left, walk left, still, walk right, and run right. I’ve also heard it was 256 speeds from run left to run right.

If the answer is the first, then I’ve got a suggested fight stick setup using a standard 8-button digiital fight stick, that would have what I believe is full controls.

5 ofb the buttons would be the canonical 5 buttons of melee, range, shield, jump, and grab. The digtial joystick would be mapped to the analaog stick.

Then finaly, there are 3 “shift buttons” One button is "hold + stick= taunt’ Another button is “hold + stick = smash”.

Finally there is a speed button with 3 different settings. One is “toggle”, where pressing the button once shifts between walk and run. Another is “hold to walk”, and a third is “hold to run”

Of course the only way this works is if a) there are only 2 horizontal speeds and one jump sensitivity with a stick, b) you don’t need a taunt and a smash simultaneously in separate directions.

Would this setup be a compete controller gameplay-wise if Nintendo allows digital sticks, or would it be crippled? If there are more than 2 move speeds, then this wouldn’t work.

May want to google the smash stick and smash box.

Whats almost guaranteed to happen is that smash players would find a way to ban it. I suggest you thread lightly.

  1. I didn’t say I have such a joystick. I was just wondering if Nintendo allowed fight sticks if there is no gameplay disadvantage in using this mode as I described.

  2. If the analog is not a 5-zone analog but a 256 zone, then tere’s no way you can play with a digital stick.

  3. Serious Smash players are party poopers. On either Brawl or Wii U ( I forget which, as always had a bad internet connection), there were 2 modes “for fun” and “for glory”.

For fun was a more fun mode, with different things happening on the screen, random weapon pickups, and all the crazy stuff that makes Smash Bros fun, and give it its identity.

For Glory was the tournament players mode. There were only a few certain legal stages, the least interesting of them. Also there were no random pickups to turn the tide of battle. When you take out those things, it’s basically a game where everyone’s basic abilities and melee attacks are identical. Literally the only character differentiation are the 3 supers.

On For Glory mode they kept records online, but For Fun they did not. Frankly the For Glory mode is boring.

But I know the reason for this. It’s becuase in quite a few staes, video game competitions where people pay money and the winner takes the money is legal, (and the house takes 5-10%) and is defined as a skill-based competition.

The main differentiator between legal skill gaming for money and gambling is whether for not there is an element of luck involved that can favor one person in an extreme manner. Anything with dice, cards or anything else random is illegal, Unless the random factor is all the the same for everyone. For example Poker can be a game of skill if everyone is in one person’s perspective, and on hand one if you have a 10-8 off suit, everyone in your pool has a 10-8 off suit, and deals with the same computer opponents with the same AI personality programs, and the response to your bet is exactly the same assuming you bet the same amount.

(By the way in most states, a private poker game is legal assuming there is no house taking 1 chip juice for every pot where there is at least 2 bets or 1 bet and one call. So poker player are not breaking the law in poker games with friends and family, even if money is involved)

If you were playing with random weapon pickups, and dynamic stage effects, some of which could be random, it would be by definition illegal to compete in for money. But then it becomes a very boring game.

Thankfully, Street Fighter games are games that are both fun to play and simultaneously legal to compete for money in according to skill-based competition laws.

Finally one rule suggestion I’d make to Street Fighter tournaments. Most tournaments is winner MUST KEEP the same character, loser can optionally change. If you want to encourage a “best overall player” winner as opposed to a master of one character, who can play more than one character, then I suggest this: winner MUST CHANGE Characters, and cannot use the same character(s in Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite) ever in that 3 out of 5 bracket. (And Gem in MVCI) Plus loser is considered the “home team” where the loser can see the previous winner’s character’s choice, and select an appropriate response. In MVCI it’ll be in this draft order, visitor picks one character, then home, then visitor picks second character, then home, then visitor picks gem, then home. So in order to win, in addition to your main, you must have 2 more player/team combos you think you can win with, but twice you have to play the character matchups and find an opponent’s weakness, instead of always going with your #1 strength.