An actual conversation with a self proclaimed "tournament player"

We start playing, I use Ghost Rider jumping S. Pretty much win the game with that and Taskmaster keep-away.

Him:You know that’s cheap right?

Me: You think it’s cheap?

Him: yeah

Me: Fuck yeah!

Him: You wouldn’t be able to do that in a tournament anyhow

Me: I know, Ghost Rider is pretty much screwed if you beam super.

Him: No, I mean like you’re not allowed


Him: yeah, I’m a tournament player and if someone is a spamfag (HIS WORD) like you just did with Ghost Rider they make him pick random instead of Ghost Rider next match

Me: WHAT THE… I gotta ask on SRK.

He mentioned some tournament… CEO? Am I crazy? You’re not allowed to play the zoning game or try and keep out? Not even Smash Bros bans keep-away. Spamming is illegal in Marvel?!

I don’t think so, but then again I don’t go to many Marvel events sooo… who does?

He’s sponsored by Morton right? Sounds legit.

I’m not sure if you’re kidding or not. Who’s Morton?

He was either a hilariously misinformed tool, or a moderately impressive troll. Also this goes here instead of making a new thread:

Dude was either trolling or crazy dumb. Or both. Nothing is banned in Marvel.

Sorry, I was really more asking a question, for all I knew he was right but it seemed VERY iffy.

Oh good, if he was right I was quitting.

Why is this a thread,…

Why are you posting in it? ಠ_ಠ

Ok! I get it, he was wrong and I was right. I knew it. But it’s so cute he thinks that way. What’s next? Fireball limits in SF?

You are only allowed to throw a hadouken if you immediately follow up with a shoryuken, regardless of where your opponent is.

True facts.

‘Gentlemen’ rules. No more than 5 fireballs in a row, do not hit when opponent is dizzied etc.
If you do not comply, kicked out of the arcade

If I was a mod, id be closing it.

He obviously isn’t a tournament player if he is getting zoned out by basic Ghost Rider tactics.

Only thing that was banned in Marvel to my knowledge was the Dante Quicksilver glitch at Curley Mustache #1. It was game breaking so obviously it was going to be banned (like screen flashing, game stopping level).

Don’t mess with basic Ghost Rider tactics! Their simplicity will astound you! Marvel at the might of jumping S!

Actually the Brawl community did ban keep away, its just that they called it “stalling.”

No throwing or blocking allowed

They banned hiding under the stage with flying characters and waiting out the clock. You can do pretty much anything else.

Stalling was running out the clock when your opponent couldn’t do anything about it. Ice climbers chain grab, etc.

Luckily Brawl is dying and we can all forget it happened. This topic is pretty dead though, kinda my bad for making it it’s own thread.

Let it die.

Scrubquotes worthy.