An Alive or Dead Question

According to Street Fighter’s Official Story Line, which of the listed characters are Dead and/or unable to ever fight again.

Eagle {Never heard after Sagat}
Gen {Possible dead now}
Ken Masters
Lee {I know hes dead}
Mike Bison

Balrog (Claw)
Dee Jay
Dhalsim {I know that he stop fighting}
Edmond Honda
Fei Long
Thunder Hawk
Vega (Psycho) {I’m aware that he is dead}

Nash {I think hes dead}
Rainbow Mika

Hugo (Andore)

Also, I’m looking for last names. I know nothing about anyones last name. I know Ken’s last name is Masters, and thats it. Does anyone else know?
Also If I have the american names and not the japanese names, then tell me.

Which characters are dead or alive minus Bison, Charlie and Lee are unknown to me but I can fill those names you asked about.

E. Honda, E stands for Edmond as I recall.
T. Hawk, I heard that the T stands for Thunder.
R. Mika, R stands for Rainbow.

Edmond isn’t really japanese…

Have you heard of the Street Fighter Cartoon that practically made up a bunch of crap last names for everyone?

Chun Li Xiang
Ryu Hoshi
William Guile

hahahahaha. It’s funny, the only real last names are the ones that were like E. Honda, and Cammy White/Ken Masters (I think that’s it) Cammy White is her real name (If I recall right from the movie)

Anyway, they say Charlie is dead, but I still don’t think he is. He’s probably still alive, I want him to be alive, he’s cool. Guile Charlie Chun Li = Interpol MVC2 Characters (XD)

Charlie is dead at the hands of Shadowloo and Bison(Vega) died by Gouki’s hands. You want death. DESTROY!

Also, try to read the plotguide first before you pull these idiotic Tiny Tim threads. Life and Capcom are Scrooges, and your Christmas wish for Charlie is dead also. A wanderer named Sano should have the guide you seek.

PS: According to sfdevotion, the SF American cartoon is not anywhere close to par with series and could possibly be something that makes the movie look decent. Not even the death of Raul Julia could save the Live Action embarassment. Whoever sparked the early 90s trend of making video games real did not realize that there would be such horrible movies or tries to lead up to Mortal Kombat. Capcom also gives SF:TLAM two thumbs down and turns in shame whenever it is mentioned, according to udoneko.

Maybe YOU could create a crappy cartoon where NASH is alive and let Capcom sue you for using their properties without permission. hahahaahahHAHAHAHAHAHAA

Gonna burn some muscle.


Sweet. Anyone else.

Gen had terminal cancer around the time of Alpha. If he’s not dead by now then he’s certainly no longer fighting. Yun and Yang are not supposed to have seen or heard from him in years. Again, not a guarantee of death, but pretty much a lock that the characters’ retired.

Whether or not Nash is dead, I think it’s safe to say they’re done with the character. His only real tie to the story fighting-wise was Bison/Vega, who is dead.

Rose was supposed to have died after remerging with Bison, having been sent to limbo with him after Gouki’s bison killer.

Everyone except the ones below

M.Bison - Akuma used the Shun Goku Satsu on him and he died
Charlie - Guile’s SFA3 ending happened. When Charlie hold Bison and tells Guile to escape unfortunately he dies in the explosion. Capcom themselves said that Charlie is dead so if he’s alive, it’s because they once again changed the story

We just don’t really know what happened to them as yet
Eagle - Nobody really knows what happened to Eagle after Street Fighter 1. So, anything’s possible.
Lee - It was said that he was killed but does anyone have any confirmation of this?
Gen - Supposedly, if he didn’t die from his leukemia diesease, the chances of him alive would be slim. I think he could very well be alive if Capcom wanted him to since they never did say that he died. Plus, since when did old guys in fighting games die? They never seem to.
Guy - Guy - After Alpha 3, he was reported as missing. Supposedly however, Final Fight 3, which had him, Haggar, and the two new characters, Lucia and Dean, storywise happened after Alpha 3, so I guess he’s alive
Rose - After Bison transferred from her to his SF2 appearance, she’s supposedly in comatose.

Outdated. The most recent but still badly in need of an update is in Gamefaqs, 4.1.

Cammy most likely doesn’t have an official last name White. That’s only been found in animes, and even the Japanese SF2 movie books don’t call her Cammy White, which I find amusing.

I see. Ok.

Ok, seriously, that just came out of nowhere. What is wrong with this forum, everyone seems to like to bash on people. Meh oh well. Anyway, you can create a crappy cartoon without the respective company’s permission as long as you don’t sell it or something. (Hmm, think adult swim’s robot chicken.)

Anyway…Nash is dead, I already said “they” as in Capcom. And I said I wanted him to be alive.

Gonna burn some matches… :clap:

Actaully making a storyline for SF4. Tell me what you think.

This is based off of everything I know about the SF storyline. I have read the whole plot guide, so before you judge, read.

Also, I’m the worst speller ever to live. EVER! I didn’t do any sort of spell check on this bitch at all. You’ll laugh when you see how horrid it is. :rofl:

Adon & Sagat
Sagat has been in training for the last 4 years. After feeling quite a distrubience in the world, Sagat desided to return home.
Sagat wants his title back. To be the God of Muay Thai. So he sets out to challege Adon for the title.
After getting back home from several years of training, Sagat approuchs Adon, and challeges him for the title.
Sagat fights Adon, and beats him easyly. Adon extremely surprised with Sagats new strength, is scraed.
Even though Adon’s pride would ge the best of him, he still kneels down to Sagat, and gives him the title.
Sagat again becomes the God of Muay Thai.
Seeing Sagats new strength, Adon asks to be Sagats student once again. Sagat hesistates, then accepts.
Sagat gets an invitation for the next tournament held by Gill.
Now that he is ready. He is ready for his one true foe, Ryu (Hoping that he still fights).
He sees that this tournament is different then the ones in the past. In fact that its
a 2 on 2 tournament. Sagat knows that Adon him self has become more powerful sense Sagat
has thought him his new skillz and power.
Sagat tells Adon that they are entering the tournament, so Sagat can once again meet Ryu face to face.

Alex & Ryu
Alex is chillin at his new apartment in manhattan when he gets a knock at his door.
Alex is tired because hes been training for awhile.
When he answers the door, he sees Ryu. Alex in shock wondering why he is at his door.
Ryu looks at Alex in the eyes, and walks back down stairs to the front of the building.
Alex knows that look, and follows Ryu. After get back to the front of the building, Alex sees Ryu walk into an ally way.
Alex knows that its show time, and to see what hes learn sense Ryu last beat him. He walks into the Ally.
Deep, futher in the Ally, Ryu places his bag down on the ground, and turns around to look at Alex.
Alex takes off his shirt, and runs to Ryu, ready for a fight.
The fight is long and intense. This time Alex really surprises Ryu on how much he has improved.
The fight ends in a draw. Ryu and Alex tired and battered, look at each other, and laugh.
Ryu, tells Alex he is surprised with his new skill, and that there is yet another tournament that Gill is holding.
He wants to see humans work together, so hes making this on 2 on 2.
Alex asks Ryu if he planned on asking him to be his partner in the tournament and Ryu says Yes.
Alex asks where the hell Ken is and Ryu says hes a family man now.
Alex accepts, and Alex and Ryu enter the tournament together.

Balroq & Cammy
Cammy has been working for Delta Red for quite some time. Shes been looking for Balrog for years,
hoping to catch him and bring him to justice. There have been meny murders that were preformed by a claw, and Cammy has no doubts whos behind them.
Balrog is an assassin for hire. A very expensive one, but one that has never failed sence Vega died.
Everyone in the underworld knows who he is.
Cammy and Delta Red, well aware of the troblue with Gill, have stayed low and watched from the outside.
Leaving the fighters to deal with him. Gill himself doesn’t seem to be to hostile to the world,
but agents including Cammy are very scepical.
Cammy during a mission to try to find Balrog, ends up finding him, and tracks him down.
Running, Balrog ends up being cornered by Cammy. Balrog has allways been atracted to Cammy,
and reminisess the old times 6 years ago. Cammy gets pissed after Balrog makes a perverted comment to her and Attacks him.
They fight and Balrog ends up escaping. Cammy, very frustrated, is disappointed in herself,
sence no one has every beaten or escaped from her for 5 years.
Delta Red hears about the new 2 on 2 tournament that Gill is hosting, and tells Cammy, there strongest soldier, to go undercover to the tournament.
2 on 2 means Cammy needs a partner, and knowing the level of skill that the rest of the fighters are on,
knows that there isn’t even another soldier, that can even be worth it. Besides two men.
First asking Guile, he refuses because he has become a family man, and didn’t renlist into the airforce, and no longer fights.
Cammy fears the worst, and enters what she thinks to be Balrogs taritory.
Cammy stands there, she knows he knows shes there. Then the first strike, Balrog claws at her and she dashs away.
Cammy tells Balrog that shes not here for a fight. She tells him about Gill and all the fighters from 1993.
Then asks him if he would be her partner in the tournament. Balrog very surprise and saspishies, gladly accepts.
Cammy has other plans for Balrog after shes done with him though.

Dan Hibiki & Sean Matsuda
Sean runs into Dan one day. Noticing the uniform Sean asks if he knows the art of Ansatsuken. Dan says he was along time ago
and then started his own form Saikyo. Sean some how insulted when Dan said his art is the best, he challeges him. Which this
fight ends in a draw. Dan and Sean have allways been beaten in the past, but actually finding a fighter thats equal to them…
They feel the rush and… almost happiness of a good fight. They don’t want that feeling to end here, so they team up,
and practice to together daily, training long and hard (even though they don’t get to far).
Sean visiting Ken one day, asked if hes seen Ryu in awhile.
Ken tells Sean about the 2 on 2 tournament Ryu and Alex went in together.
Sean, excitied, tells Dan right away, and they entered in together.

Geki & Retsu
Back in 1987 after the first tournament held by Sagat, there were 2 fighters that went in the mountains of Japan to train more.
Retsu, a fallen monk, and Geki, a old school ninja.
Out training, and following there own path, the 2 ran across each other. Seeing each other,
they remember each others faces from the tournament meny years ago. Being warriors, find each other as a challege.
They fight. Geki wins barely cuase he cut Retsu with his claw in the chest, almost a fatal wound.
Geki leaves and leaves Retsu to bleed.
Geki becomes a trainer and teaches Ninpo to strong, and willful students. In the mountains of Japan, not meny even know about this school.
One day, Geki goes out to find a student that has gone missing in the forest during training.
Wondering looking for him, he finds Retsu. Retsu tells him hes back for a rematch.
Geki never expected this. He takes off his claw this time, and throws it to the ground.
They fight, and this time, Retsu winning but before the fight gets to far, Geki’s students start to look for him.
To save Geki to embarressment and senses the battle is his, Retsu walks away from Geki.
Retsu visits Geki, seeing if they can finish what they started. Retsu finds Geki and challeges him to follow up on what they left off at.
Geki tells Retsu of the troblues in the world and Gill. Geki has connects with the underworld, and find out about Gill.
Retsu doesn’t seem to care, but after talking to Geki about the tournament, Retsu didn’t like the Idea of 2 on 2
but was rather interested in Gill. So Geki and Retsu team up for the tournament.

Gill & Urien
Gill corupts his brother to fight for the organization, and to be his partner in the tournament,
after Urien trys to over throw him and fails.

Gouki & Oro
These 2 are the strongest characters in the storyline (besides Gill of course).
Oro is interested in entering the tournament, and Gouki himself doesn’t care about the tournament at all,
he knows there will be worthy fighters there, like Ryu. Oro and Gouki end up showing to the tournament at the same time,
Gill sees both of them and senses there incredible power. Gill approuches them both, offering them to enter the tournament.
Making them know that they will be able to fight the greatest of opponents if they join (which is what there both looking for).
Gill telling them both its to bad that they don’t have a partner, other wise they could partake in the greatest tournament ever.
Then Gill convinences them to team up, not really willfully, but not careing that there a team, just there for the fight.

Hugo & Zangief
Hugo learns about Zangief and goes to Russia to see if he is willing to be his Tag-Team partner.
Aventually meeting Zangief, Hugo asks him if hes willing to and Zangief laughs. Zangief challeges Hugo.
Hugo barely wins. Zangiefs pribe is shot. He tells him about the 2 on 2 tournament that Gill is hosting,
and tells him as much about Gill as he knows. Zangief doesn’t care to fight in a tournament but
Hugo convinences him otherwise.

Makoto & Sakura Kasugano
Sakura is out of College and back to her roots. Shes abit rusty, but trained alot while she was in college
She deside to find Ryu and tell him the good news,
but at the same time she wants to train with him because she finds her life is much funner if shes fighting.
So she sets out to find Ryu. She finds Ken’s address and asks him, luckly for her she got there just when Ryu left.
She catchs up to Ryu (while hes heading for Alexs place) in the park.
At the same time.
Makoto is at her Dojo and training students in Rindoukan. After class,
Makoto finds out with an invitation to a 2 on 2 tournament held by Gill.
Shes eager to find a challege but being 2 on 2, she does know meny people at her level.
She thinks of Ibuki but shes at school, Makoto then thinks of Ryu, the man the beat her last year.
The man that she wants to be as powerful as. She thinks theres a possiblity that Ryu will team up with her.
If she shows her strength to him. Makoto sets out to find Ryu. Sensing his strong Ki with her enlightned ability.
Makoto tracks down Ryu.
Sakura and Makoto find and yell to Ryu at the same time. Then turn to each other.
After trying to talk to Ryu first, both of them are frustrated with each other and begin to treaten each other (Ryu is watching the whole time).
Makoto gets angry and trys to attack Sakura, but Sakura dodges and Attacks makoto blocks the attack.
Fight just for alittle not getting really anywhere. Both seem to be equal, then realizing that Ryu slipped out while they were fighting.
Sakura and Makoto start talking to each other and Makoto learns about Sakura training with Ryu,
and Sakura learns about the last tournament, Makoto being defeated by Ryu, and makoto trying to team up with Ryu.
Sakura tells makoto that he already has a team member, and that she wants to try to be in the tournament to.
Makoto tells Sakura shes to weak, and Sakura tells Makoto that she wants to fight her and show her shes strong.
They fight (friendly), and commenting each other on there strength, and deside to team up.

Necro & Twelve
Nerco still being chased by Gills army and Twelve. ONe day confronts Twelve and fights him, Twelve gets Necro down
and is about to kill him by stabing him with his morphed arms, Eiffie jumps infront of the blade and dies.
Necro goes on a complete rampage and starts beating Twelve. Gill jumps in and stops them both, and knocks Necro down.
Gill is amazed that Necro had so much hidden strength to beat Twelve so bad, and that emotions could make such a change in a warriors strength.
Thinking that maybe Necro wasn’t a failed project, Gill punchs Twelve and tells him that Eiffie isn’t the target. Gill makes a deal with Necro
after apoligizing to him. He says that if Necro Teams up with Twelve at the next tournament, that reguardless of the results,
he will resurrect Eiffie, and give him his freedom and not hunt him down any more. Necro agrees for Eiffie’s sake.

By the way, there are 4 other teams I haven’t made shit up for yet.

Guy & Maki (Shes finds him!)
Rolento & Sodom (Duh…)
Q & Remy (You’d be surprised)
Yang & Yun (Yang is pissed about something…?)

Damn, it must be to much for you guys to read, huh :rofl:

I heard when Akuma kills M.Bison, her soul goes to hell with M.Bison’s.

…sorry. People just do not seem to care about their ideas being canon or not.

Adon is most likely dead too, the dude went after Akuma, and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.

If you’re making “teams” for the game/concept/story or whatever, then everyone is just going to view it as a KOF rip off, also alot of characters act out of character in your story or just do stuff they’d never do.

Really? Ok, like who? I’m not being a smart ass, just wondering so I can improve[sp] the story.

Its a very brief discription on the story.
I know Gouki would never team with anyone, but I was just trying to find away to get teams. I was thinking like ProJo on teams (with out assists like that… I guess thats like CFJ, but with forced change)

Ok, Lets see…

Making the tournament 2 on 2 doesn’t kind of force characters to be alittle out of character.

Adon & Sagat: Other then Adon possibly being dead for searching out Gouki, I think is this could happen.
Alex & Ryu: Well, Ryu randomly challeging Alex might be alittle weird, but it could happen. I don’t think its totally out of Ryu’s personnality to do so.
Balrog & Cammy: I’ll addmit that this is a tad off the wall. Cammy and Balrog definitly aren’t dead, but I can see where Cammy her self would want to do something about Gill.
Dan & Sean: I can see this happening. Both are still fighting.
Geki & Retsu: This might be alittle tipical[sp], but theres not much thats known about these two, so whos to say this couldn’t happen. Retsu is supposs[sp] to be a fallen monk, I wanted to have a “visit” with Gouki here, but didn’t know how I was going to do it. I think it would of been interesting.
Gill & Urien: I can see this happening. Urien allways wanted to over through Gill, I’m not saying it wasn’t easy for Gill, because Urien isn’t stupid at all; but Gill is a god.
Gouki & Oro: Ok, this is unlikely. Gouki doesn’t team with anyone or even participate in tournaments. I might would of had them as none team characters. Oro and Gouki are the most powerful out of all the characters. I would have had them fight each other (once again), Oro would of had to break the magic seal on his arm so he could fight Gouki, and would of actually ended up in a draw. So Gouki would of known (as well as Oro) that there is a fighter as quite as powerful as they are (besides Gill)
Guy & Maki: Guy is badass. He left and was never found again but Maki was out searching for him. So I was going to get her to find him…
Hugo & Zangief: This could possible happen. Hugo’s whole reason for entering the tournament was to find a tag team partner. Zangief isn’t dead or anything and is still wrestling so…
Makoto & Sakura: There is a possiblity for this. sakura is older and out of college now, so the meet up of these two is possible. They both want to fight (friendly) with Ryu, and finding a common interest along with there personnalitys, this could happen.
Necro & Twelve: This is definitly possible. Knowing Gill and his desire to fight, he would like to propose this.
Rolento & Sodom: Still looking to build there “utopia”, and entering (and winning) the tournament would be a good for popularity, this would happen.
Yang & Yun: After Yang feels uneasy about something going on in the outside world (out of there town), Yun follows him. Trying to convinence Yang to go back home, Yang doesn’t listen. Yun just continues to help Yang, worried about the situation.

Characters not in the game:

Bold indicates that they could of been in the game.

Where is…

BridieSF1: After the fall on Shadaloo, He became your average thug, and doesn’t care.
EagleSF1: Still being a gay bouncer
GenSF1: Dead :sad:
JoeSF1: Being an average joe…
KenSF1: Being a family man
M.BisonSF1: Pretty much like Bridie
BlankaSF2: Living with his mother
Chun-liSF2: Teaching Taichi to kids
Dee JaySF2: Being a music star person…
DhalsimSF2: Being a family man
E.HondaSF2: Teaching Sumo
FeilongSF2: Left the movie to fight. There is a chance that he could be in this SF4 storyline, but I couldn’t figure out how he would find a team member, though if I didn’t make it teams, he would be there.
GuileSF2: Being a family man.
T.HawkSF2: Rebuilding his homeland.
VegaSF2: Dead
CodySFZ: In Jail (again)
JuliSFZ: Along witht he rest of the dolls, "out of it"
JuniSFZ: Along witht he rest of the dolls, "out of it"
KarinSFZ: Another character that could possilbily be it this installment. Still seeking to improve and beat Sakura.
MikaSFZ: Yet another character that could be. Mika is still wrestling and still views Zangief as her ideal.
NashSFZ: Dead :sad:
DudleySF3: Another character that could be fighting. Just a desire to find a challege could possilbly bring him to the tournamet (if it wasn’t 2 on 2)
ElenaSF3: In school
IbukiSF3: In school
QSF3: Could possibly be a secret character or something. Not doing much but walking around, and being chased by the C.I.A…
RemySF3: Remy is trying to live a normal life, but it is offical that Q has something to do with Remy (don’t know what). It could possibly his father… gasp

Yo TAS, tell me what you think.

No, it’s too much for some of us to read endless upon endless SF4 concept ideas. With all the SF4 rumors floating SRK is flooded with them. You wouldn’t believe the insane amount of them I’ve read over the years. Some E-Mailed to my house!!!

But I’ll read yours all the same…

So far -

Sagat doesn’t care about the Muay Thai title. Titles and stuff like that don’t mean anything to people like him, it’s all about the fight. That’s not gonna change in 100 years.

Ryu ringing Alex’s doorbell is hella out of character. It doesn’t fit his wandering warrior persona. For this team to work they would have to run into each other randomly, or Alex would have to seek out Ryu.

Retsu was an old man in SF1. He’s gotta be dead by the time of SF4. He’s not Oro.

Someone at Capcom had to of greenlighted Geki getting killed in the comic. Capcom doesn’t care about him. Having him appear in SF4 after they gave his death the green light is just incredibly bizarre.

Lol, Hugo would do a lot better than barely beating Zangief. Hugo was strong enough to survive a Shin Shoryuken, a move that has been officially stated to be able to kill a man. Zangief hasn’t done anything on that level other than being Capcom’s standard grappler for a bunch of vs. games.

Will continue later. Read the SF Plot Guide please. :smile: