An american Tier list not based off japan

I think due to the events at evo can we conclude that we play differently then japan and make our own list of what we think?

Out of 1040 players this was the result. Anyone some thoughts?

No sagats no seths

2 akumas

2 balrogs

2 ryu

2 Rufus

1 Cammy

we think no.

well clearly since those people were used they become bottom tier because we all know their secrets now.

Which once again leaves Dan to take the god tier for himself because no one can stop his ultra taunting.

that’s how this all works right :looney:

sakura will run evo 10.

Do you really count 1 counter pick of cammy as her making top 8?

I mean he used cammy throughout the tourney.

Why didn’t he use it against Rufus then? I’m not positive but I’m sure Sanford used Akuma throughout the tournament.

Actually top 8 was

3 Akuma (EdMa, ShadyK, Sanford)

1 Balrog (Eduardo)

2 Ryu (Daigo, Dan)

2 Rufus (Wong, Ricky Ortiz)

Those are the characters they made it to top 8 with

Regardless of who used what in top 8 at Evo, tournament results do not determine tiers. They often reflect accurate tier lists, but there are exceptions to every situation.
Just because you didn’t see Sagat/Seth and did see someone using Cammy doesn’t mean that tier lists need to be immediately reevaluated.

Differences in play style also have nothing to do with tiers.

I am not saying that immediately because of evo. I am saying this in general and I am using evo as a example. In America we should make our own just as japan did themselves you know.

the game has been out for a year and this is what your tier list is

top: sagat ryu akuma

not top but still really good: balrog rufus c viper seth

middle: everyone else

bottom: vega and most of the console characters

If you don’t want to base it off of Japan, then Ryu did not make top 8.

Both Ryu’s are Japanese.

Roo is actually Australian

I think the tier list should be different because we have a different tourney format so counter picking is a factor, thus Gief and maybe Honda should be lower. And some other shit should change

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Ok, this is the official tier list for the U.S.

  1. Guile
  2. Ryu
  3. Gouken
  4. Sagat

that’s pretty much it.

This the tier list for real men you cry baby faggots;

god tier: Ken
top tier : Ken
middle *** tier : Ryu sagt
babby tier: Everyone else or whatever

I made this thread and SK closed it

This would be a good idea… if it weren’t on SRK.

It’s obvious we play a different game from Japan. In Japan, Rog gets nothing done. Here, he’s clearly a factor.

I think an American list would be a little different from Japan, but I don’t think it’s worth the trouble coming up with one, and it’s definitely not worth the trouble of trying to do it in the SF4 forum on SRK. Nothing good could possibly come from this.