An Amusing Clark Drawing

First off, yes, I know I’m awful at drawing haha. But I was screwing around and trying to draw some stuff, so I tried to draw a KOF Clark in Chibi style… It came out crappy, as does most my stuff. And I colored it, looks pretty terrible as well. But even though it came out so bad, it was still amusing for me to look at. I just found it funny how he came out looking like a South Park character :rofl:

Can’t believe I missed this. Keep practicing man, you’ll get better if you focus on it. ^_^;

Incidentally I made a chibi Leona months ago:

Haha yeah, I was considering getting an Art book on how to draw chibi, but I think that may be a waste of money considering most of the crap art books they put out. Than again, I don’t think it could hurt, you know?

Haha, and nice Leona. I like that. No Ralf though, Ralf gets no love :rofl:

I’ll be working on that soon. I have a soft spot for certain chibi. :smiley:
Ralf is great in '98.

Well I just worked on a Chibi Whip, so I’ll probably post that up when I have means of taking a picture. I no longer have the camera for a lil bit.

And yeah, Ralf is crazy in 98. Almost too crazy.