An apology to Seth, please sign

Sign if you desire. Or don’t I guess lol, but I thought this would be a good idea.

I dont like the idea. It’s a community and based on the infos we got, Gen just looked broken bad.
Besides I dont think Seth has any influence on the balancing at all.
And, tbh, Gen will (still) be near the bottom of the list, if not the very bottom after Dan.
Damage nerfs accross the screen, even Sagat wasnt nerfed so much damage wise compered to his vanilla state (besides TU), The meter gain nerf is just plain stupid, no health buff but taken a good amount of defense with ex-oga etc
All in all, Gen’s changes feel just random. Some a good changes, but most are just bad and not considered/tested enough. Taking out BnB like Hand combos is the same as taking out => hadoken from shotos.
U2 getting traded / stuffed from normals and specials etc

On paper it still looks bad.

Also dont see why to “apologice” to a community manager, he’s there to spread info from Capcom to us. And ppl just dont know that he has no influce on balancing.

So my idea would be not to write an apology, but a “Thank you for all your work and passion dedicated to the Community”. I’d sign that,

We are only apologizing because so many were rude to him about the whole ordeal, whether or not he has any influence (which I am aware that he doesn’t).

Besides, I did throw a thank you in there. :wink:

Seth Killian deserves an apology from dbag players hounding him when he clearly has to obey capcom’s line. It’s not like he can speak his mind freely. I think it’s admirable how hard he tries to assuage player dissatisfaction without losing his composure.

He hears it from players probably more than anyone at Capcom, other than Sven possibly.

Won’t sign just because I’ve always had faith in Gen and in Capcom.

Even when there were all these people playing Gen. To me, it simply was not and never will be possible for people to be able to grasp and evaluate a character’s changes unless they get months worth of time with them and after experimenting and just experiencing things with various opponents.

Apologies are good though anyways.

Oh Tom, always so stubborn! <3

I had faith too, but I felt bad for the shit Seth had to put up with.

I want to point out some of your most recent posts in the SSF4 thread.

You’re the only player to convince yourself that his new jumps are a good thing, and you thought his 1 bar teleport was too good because apparently the people you play against didn’t know how to bait and punish it.

No, you don’t speak for “90-95% of the Gen community.” In fact, your reasons for being happy seem somewhat unique.

Also, Seth was allowed to give out info on the game. However, when Gen players were worried about s.MK not being cancelable at all with no apparent BnB combo to replace it, worried about his only wakeup option being removed, and of course his jump being nerfed… Seth’s idea of positive spin was to say that wall dives are faster. Even though they still suck on their own, and they’re worse overall with most of the crossups removed. I don’t have a problem with Seth or anything, I appreciate the work he does for us, but he actually handled news of the Gen nerfs pretty badly. The Japanese dev blog was even worse.

Play against a good Chun with the new jump. Tell us if you still think his new jump is good.

Look at it how you want. Most of the people here are decently happy about Gen. I’m pleased to be able to use either stance for A2A now. I’m also pleased that instead of using one bar to escape, we can use that one bar for a solid chance at some damage, if we even have to use that one bar. Show me a vid of someone punishing an EX Oga though. Probably doesn’t exist. Seriously. You’re a very credible player, but I have almost never seen an Oga baited and swatted. So since the people you play against are gdlk and can bat around your Ogas, show me.

Oh hell, if they can actually do that, I’d rather have the new Gekiro anyways.

I would still crane jump at Chun, if I jump. She has an air grab.

Would did you expect Seth to say? He probably wasn’t aware of Gen’s super buffs, nor can he expected to know this given how much his job entails. Nor could Seth come out and say “Yep, Gen does suck, blame Capcom,” unless he wanted to get fired. He did what anybody in his situation would have.

There was never an issue with Air-to-air in vanilla since you’d use crane normals to Air-to-Air and PPP had such a rediculous hitbox and amount of active frames if the person did jump significantly higher then you and you were in PPP you could use j.HK.
Ex-Oga is no different then regular Oga in terms of being easily punishable on block, everyone knows this theres no need to demonstrate. Go to training mode.

I saw your vid vs Chun. That Chun doesn’t know how to play.
I would never forward jump against a Chun atm and in vanilla i used mantis jump to close distance over a fireball not to jump in at Chun.

What are you talking about? We aren’t talking about Oga attacks, just escapes. You know? EX Oga to the other wall out of harms way? YEAH THAT ONE.

Mantis j.HK gets beat by a lot of shit.

This Chun didn’t know how to handle the jumps, so I used them. Anyone would. Jumping over fireballs is just as dumb as anything else though. Even with the old jump it’s very easy to eat her s.fierce or s.RH. If you want to pick me apart for apologizing to Seth, do it better. Better yet, don’t post in here.

Gen visitor here.

Random question – who is Yeb using in Super? His heroic performance in WCW1 made me proud to be a San Diegan.

I wouldn’t expect some big analysis or obscure details. Just simple things to dispel some of the myths about changes, like saying s.MK could still be canceled into hands. Mention something new, like the waterfall kick being improved or a new combo possibility. It’s strange, because he DID actually mention an improvement to wall dive speed, but it just made them seem like a bigger disappointment when I found out they’re still unsafe.

Maybe I’m just overestimating the amount of contact he has.

Are you serious? Here, multiple punishes in one video.

2:40, I think it was my first EX wall dive of the set. There’s a good one around 11:50 too. If it seems like I don’t wall dive much, that’s because I’m used to being punished for them. If you pay attention though, you can recognize the times when he tries to bait me but I don’t bite - that’s just as important as when it actually works, because it means he’s not pressuring as hard. This is just the basics of wakeup teleports though, even though they can be baited they’re still useful.

The important downside to the EX gekiro is that it’s going to be very easy to safe jump (or even safe jump-option select) and once people start doing that, you won’t have any wake-up options at all. Someone was doing that to me literally before I even confirmed the EX gekiro has more invincibility, he was just doing option selects out of habit.

Also, Gen’s best A2A in mantis was easily j.MP. Gen was amazing in the air, he didn’t need help with that.

This really isn’t an appropriate place to ask, but I’m leaning towards Cody. Not 100% sure on anything, though.

I was shocked all he had to do was jump. That is pretty nasty.

With all the changes, I would rather play Vanilla Gen.

well it sucks that his jump and his ex oga got nerf, i have to say even with the nerfs i still love playing gen, at least i can punish them in wakeup now with ex Gekiro causing them damage rather then just restarting the situation.

now the meter nerf that was really uncalled for how much he builds meter now sucks.

overall gen still fun to play and i can still use mk hands for footies. you cant just jump in and attack like vanilla gen, you got space it out.

The meter gain nerf is the one I feel the most.

Oh snap Newbie Andy, the only competitive Gen player in the world is directly opposing you on this issue. Maybe you should stop speaking for 90-95 % of us Gen players. I mean, there were only like, 10 of us to begin with, and you’ve already had 8 Gen players disagree with you in this thread. Oh, I guess I make 9.

WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT! 90% of Gen players think that Gen was nerfed to hell and back! You’re in the incredibly small minority dude. If it works for you, fine, be happy about it and keep getting better with Gen (hopefully you’ll be the new tourney Gen, now that Yeb is no longer maining our assassin friend). But don’t assume that any of us have been put to shame for wrongly complaining about the changes Gen got, it’s pretty clear cut that Gen’s best vanilla options are now non-existent, and he really didn’t get anything from his alpha days. I have to be honest here, I’m still using him quite a lot, but I’m fairly certain that Gen is now bottom tier. Vega is pretty fantastic all of a sudden, Makoto is good if people rush down really well (and if players stop trying to play her like her 3rd Strike iteration), Sakura has had significant buffs, and Dan is actually deceptively fantastic (He got NO nerfs at all, ONLY buffs. His super does almost as much as Zangiefs, his shoryu FADC into U2 does more damage than Sagat’s, his fireball goes farther, and dankukyakus have always been better than tatsus because of all the different properties).

Gen is bottom tier. He’s still awesome and badass, but he’s bottom tier now, and that’s a shame. At least he still has the best cross-up game out of any character, even if it isn’t nearly as good as it was in vanilla.