An apparently weird stick modding question

Excuse me, **(I asked this in the ‘custom stick’ thread, but to no avail there. I believe I asked it in the wrong place.)

I have a quick question. Has anyone here modded an x-arcade dual joystick (Non-trackball non-tankstick)? If so, what did you mod it with? Did you do artwork for it with a template?

I have searched this thread and searched other places, and have yet to find the answer.

Thank you to anyone with information, and even those without,

Dios te Bendiga.

Yeah, I’ve done one of these. To be perfectly honest, it’s probably not worth your time. I stripped everything out, replaced the PCB with PSOne PCB’s and ran into numerous problems. Firstly, is that the stock sticks are screwed in without slit head screws, they’re also glued in on the inside meaning your only way to get them out is with two sets of pliers and a lot of brute force. In the process you’re going to destroy the screws meaning you’ll have to buy some new ones for the Happ sticks. Also, if you want PSOne PCB’s in there, you’re not going to get the wires out evenly unless you make some kind of modification to the case. In the end it’s pretty useless as a two player panel and is just as annoying as before due to space. Not really worth modding, deffinately not worth buying, over all it’s a pain in the arse.

I have to wholeheartedly agree with Demon Dash. The good news with this stick, is that people will still pay a lot for it on ebay.

Sorry I can’t really help you more. Those parts really are a pain to take out, at least the stick is.

Can you still buy the blank boxes from xarcade? I remember seeing blank single player boxes going for like $20 last Christmas.

you have the most hated stick made. it’s moddable. I’ve put in new parts and a plexi with art for it. but you’re better off selling it on ebay and buying a custom. you spent say $100 on that, now you have to replace the board plus new stick/button so that’s around $50 if you’re lucky and able to find a pcb. of course that mean that you have to have all the tools aleady. it will also mess up the screw holes because the casing sucks. the part in there is trash. so do yourself a favor and DON’T mod it, just sell on ebay and get another one. don’t sell it here, no one ways it. and if they do, the don’t want it for the price that you sell it for.

I appreciate everyone’s time and advice. I am considering my options.

I do have one question for you though; In case I do want to give it a shot, did you document your modifications of the stick? (Documentation of any kind.) Do you still have the measurements/templates for the artwork and plexi printing?

And if so, unassumingly, would you be willing to share them?

Again, I appreciate your time.

God Bless.

nope. just took everything out flip it over, trace the entire thing on plexi and cut accordingly. same with the art. also forgot that it’s double stick, so for parts it’s $100. I no longer have the stick because as I said, most hated stick. I hated the damn thing.

I bought a used X-arcade solo from someone on here recently. Honestly, as far as retail sticks go these are pretty decent, and a little better than the Streetfighter anniversary stick.

Like the stock controls: The KO happ concave with KO cherry switches, are pretty damn NICE for clones, and 100% better than what nuby put in the SFAC! Had they been convex i probably would have left some in.

The PCB, while its quality is questionable, it WORKS with converters such as for use on the PC! My modified SFAC won’t function at all with converters. Another plus for the X-Arcade.

The stock stick was identical to the SFAC’s though, definitely needed to be replaced. Anyhow once you modify it with Happ stick & buttons and correct the button layout, this stick is nice.

The case is good too, even though its smaller, it has all the properties of a larger case: Nice weight to it, does not jolt around during gameplay & stays seated, and enough room for comfortable hand placement. My only gripe is the way the stick is mounted higher than the buttons, but its not much of a problem and you usually forget about it once you start playing.

X-Arcade Solo: Underrated! I’m about to put a PSX PCB in mine soon.