An article about arcades I wrote a while back


…so last year I had started this article series called “the F.A.Q.'s of Life” on my livejournal and myspace pages. The second installment was me writing my idea of an arcade survival guide. In the guide, there was a subsection for fighting games and this is where you all come in. I wanna know what you all think of what I said pretaining to that, and whether or not you agree or wanna add something…

for the interested…Click this text


It makes me feel a bit sad when there is a topic with 0 replies…

so I just wanted to post that I read your stuff, and I liked this part best:


I didn’t read it yet. But unfortunately, for some of us (like me), we continued to go to the arcade until the day we showed up and the gates were still closed. Then a fucking Campus Town store took over. Yay. Thanks for giving up Namco