An attempt at Chun Li

So, I’m learning Chun this month and welcome any strats/pointers from those who are seasoned playing with her OR against her. Meantime, I will try to gain some pointers from older match vids by seeing what has worked for well-known, tourney Chun players. Some that I am aware of:

  1. Nuki–no doubt. His matches show great skill.
  2. Amir–heard from the grapevine
  3. Tokido–"
  4. MOV–liked his match vids. Skillz


back fierce all day

run away with jump back fierce fierce

dont get hit.

kara grab.

NUKI vids:

*1. 3:30 – [media=youtube]QvhO2Hlzews[/media]
*2. 7:10 – [media=youtube]gL4sBtst0eo[/media]
3. [media=youtube]V_yXjl0oK0U[/media]
4. [media=youtube]YC8Ktd9VEPw[/media]
5. [media=youtube]T3iNC_SYedk[/media]
6. [media=youtube]rVhsd9WgkH0[/media]
7. [media=youtube]3VVWZ74_SPE[/media]
8. [media=youtube]jcCwxnw09Xs[/media]
9. [media=youtube]wzgR4QCSfZI[/media]
10. [media=youtube]AvJaJBJaZaY&feature=related[/media]

Just some stuff I found on Youtube featuring Nuki’s Chun. I’m playing Chun atm and trying to learn some good stuff. I’ll be back to just post up some of the tricks/tools I learned from these vids alone.

forget tokido and jwong. watch rikimaru and MOV instead.

May I ask why

i don’t know the reason but i bet you 10$ he’ll say they r better

tokido doesn’t have as elegant of solutions to allot of the matchups as rikimaru and MOV do. there is allot more to learn from their styles.
as for justin wong he plays a really patient turtle chun, not much to see in terms of strategy or matchups.
both wong and tokido use more the natural advantages of chun + great hit confirm skills to get them through most matches. you need more than that if you really wanna tear it up!

the list for best chuns in japan pretty much goes Nuki, MOV, Rikimaru.

amir is balls to the walls chun rushdown which you can learn allot from also.

you should watch some match vids and see for yourself.

so yeah they are better, but more importantly their is more to see from them.

Rikimaru and MOV? I’ll check them out as soon as Youtube stop’s shitting on me. They must be working on their site again…

Also, I’ll take a gander at Nuki’s vids today for some tips.

So Amir is better than Tokido?

back fierce…low medium super. Only use saII you win


Also take jwong off that fucking list. Ye you heard me neg me mother fuckers i dont care. He doesnt deserve to be on that list.

Thats like putting me with ysb and hayao

but just barely. I agree though, take wong off the list. You won’t learn anything from watching him that time with Chun can’t teach you better.

No it isn’t. Justin is probably in the top 3 Chuns in the country. You aren’t even in the top 10 for Hugos.


I enjoy learning a bit by noting HOW a player landed a hit and WHEN. Also HOW and WHEN a player dealt chip damage. I’ll first note the WHEN’s and then, at a later time when I can, note HOW. This approach also reveals a bit on strategy.

Nuki (Chun Li) v RX (Urien)
*the times are when Nuki either HIT RX or CHIPPED RX

round 1
-3:40 (2-hit combo)
-3:53 (20-hit combo)

round 2

round 3
-5:37 (19-hit combo)

Something I noticed that interested me in this vid, though: Nuki RARELY jumped.

judge_rl, you should watch rikimaru at SBO 07 for some good matches of his. he OCV’d KO’s team! any match of his should be pretty good though.

oh and most chun’s don’t jump that much because she doesn’t have to. you really only have to dash to crossup people after jab resets on jump ins or as they quickrise. everyone else you can pretty much walk under their jump ins to cross them up. shotos you have to dash right as they go for a crossup mk to get under but the idea is still the same.
if you are used to jumping allot i would just ban yourself from jumping with chun for a while till you get her ground game down, she has the strongest ground game in all of 3s!

I’m used to seeing Chun’s jump at least 5-10x a match. I only noticed Nuki jump 1x during one of those.

Damn straight Chun has a strong ground game though.

Rikimaru at SBO 07? Will check it out.

dont forget your options, walk under and dash under jumpins is strong shit

His point still is valid.

Not like Justin Wong isn’t winning…and he is probably way better than you (though I don’t know you). Don’t get me w[r]ong (haha x_X) I don’t think his style is nice to watch or anything but he has some success so you can definately learn from him.

edit: now I got the point of the Rep system. Idiots who can’t have a proper discussion are just paying for neg repping anyone contradicting them. Quite pathetic. Not like I cared or anything but seriously…it won’t make your point valid. It won’t make you smarter and yes against widely held belief it won’t enlarge your dick.

Yeah it’s not the rep which annoys me…it’s the kind of attitude connected with it…

First off, I’ve never claimed to be an important 3s player, but I do enjoy stomping out people who think too much of themselves.

Second, who are you losing to in Japan? I’ll bet it’s not SBO level players. I’ll bet its just random mid tier arcade players. Just like America, there are scrubs and pros, and mid tier players in Japan, and I’d bet Jwong could beat a whole lot more of them than you could.