An Avalanche of Capcom SNK Fanart

Hi, just joined, but I’ve visited SRK for a year or two. A good way to start off, is to post some of my fanart I’ve done, being such a Capcom SNK fanboy, it’s better to get this stuff out of my system now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of this is all original, while some I merely used existing Capcom/Udon art for the poses. :slight_smile:

Enjoy! I’ll post one here, just to get an idea, and just link the rest of the others, otherwise, this thread will be a pain to navigate.

Alex Hugo Intro
Flaming Shoryuken
Rock Howard
Shinkuu Hadoken
Terry Bogard
Inferno Mai

Thats some dope shit switcher I love how you were able to add actual BG from garou, kof and SF games. How did you do that anyway without having to cut your picture?

Emulators mostly, just take a screen cap of them.

nice stuff. welcome to the boards.
I notice you’ve borrowed quite a few poses from the Udon comics.

Seriously nice stuff.
Blackgoku, I never thought I’d hear that name again.

They look nice, but like Rook said, quite a few borrowed poses. I see some from the SVC Chaos and KOF comics too. You got to start somewhere though, I guess.

I like the I-no… her breasts and dress looks weird though… but I like the face and pose…

Nothing wrong with borrowing poses. I started exclusively from copying too. Of course, if you plan on drawing your own original stuff, just make sure you learn something when you copy.

I personally like the flame Ken and the Alex-Hugo intro the most. Keep drawing man!

Good god :pray: you are drawing all these from scratch WOW very cool and professional ! :tup:

Check PM I have a question !