An awkward question we have to ask - What if SSF4 is bad?

Like a lot of people on this forum, I’m really hyped about Super Street Fighter 4 coming out. I’ve pre-ordered the Dojo edition, I watch every video I can get my hands on, and I read every report I can from people who have gotten to play it. I’m hyped, you’re hyped, we’re all hyped. Vanilla SF4 brought a lot of new people into the community, and SRK has reinvented itself to welcome them in. Now, with Super about to come out, this community is about to be tested. We have to ask ourselves a question, one that we may not like the answer to:

What if Super is bad? What if it’s unbalanced? What if it’s just plain broken?

This is something that I’ve never had to deal with. Any time a new fighting game came out that was no good, I just kept on playing what I had been playing before, and that was fine, because there was still a community for it. I played Marvel, I played CvS2, and I played 3rd Strike, and when stinkers like SvC Chaos or Capcom Fighting Evolution came out, I did what a lot of people did: I tried them, decided they were bad, and I moved on. I’ve done the same thing with probably half a dozen different fighting games, but the situation that we’re in now is different.

Right now, if you own a PS3 or 360, your fighting game options are very fundamentally different from each other. The community is larger, but it is also more striated than ever before. You can play SF4. You can play Tekken. You can play KoF12. You can play Blazblue. You can play TvC. You have a lot of options.

Now I don’t know about you guys, but I’m a Street Fighter player. I don’t like Tekken. I don’t like Blazlue. I don’t like KoF12, and I don’t want to play them. As someone who used to play Marvel, I might be convinced to play TvC, but this would mean a heavy initial investment to buy a Wii and Wii compatible stick. That’s a $250+ investment for one game. So if Super turns out to be bad and I don’t want to invest in any of these games, what am I going to do? Play 3s over GGPO I guess, since if Super tanks there will be no one playing Vanilla SF4.

But that still leaves the fundamental question of what we (“we” as in the community) will do. Do we play a bad game in the hopes that Capcom will patch it? Do we play something else and wait for SSF4 Turbo? How do we maintain the new people in this community in the face of a setback? I think this is a conversation that we need to have NOW, not later, so that we’re prepared for the worst while we hope for the best.

Just a thought I’ve been having lately, and I’d appreciate it if some of the older members who have experienced something like this back in the Street Fighter 2 days could comment on it. I’m sure there were times when the most common version of SF2 was a broken/crappy version.

cfe is cool as hell

Play Melty Blood :tup:

I’ll just go back to HDR. IV has nothing on II anyway.

I don’t know what you’ll do, but I’ll just stick with Marvel, HDR, and occasionally KOf 98 or 02. I already don’t play SF4 much.

I’ll probably do this:



Then the whole popular fighting game trend dies and we are left kicking its corpse for a decade or so until Capcom tries again.


When Super SF2 came out, it sucked ass. It was slow as balls and nobody liked it. I think that’s when I started playing Killer Instinct. Others moved over to MK…3 I think? But there’s not really the same variety these days. Like you say, TvC being exclusively on the Wii makes it a tough sell for most of us. In all honesty, most people will just continue to play Super SF4 even if it sucks. I mean, it’s not like SF4 is perfect. Most of the people I know hate on it and play it anyway. So, hope for the best

wait for BBCS and then play that

Whoa none of you guys have suicide pacts planned out?

I will probably Learn how to play arcana heart and whore it out and go to sbo

It won’t. Both games you cited in your example were severe departures and suffered incredibly due to new / unbalanced systems (CFE) or straight-up unpolished messiness (SvC:C). SSFIV is being built off of an already established and successful game with minimal system changes, only tweaks and balances to specific characters. What could possibly go so horribly wrong that SSFIV would be awful, anyway? It being riddled with infinites / bugs / glitches? SFIV vanilla wasn’t, and even if there are a few hiccups (doubtful) they’ll be patched posthaste. I’m sure we’ll get an influx of “OMG SAGAT ISNT AS GOOD SSFIV SUCKS!” topics after its release, but a failure it will not be.

However, if by some act of God it is a failure, I’ll be playing Killer Instinct 3.

Hakan ruined SF

For once we agree on something.

SFIV being bad didn’t stop people from playing it so i don’t think it’d be a problem with SSFIV.

You drop it and play some good games. Like TvC


there is no way that ssf4 is gonna be broken, and if there are some seriously uneven matches in the game, then it will be incentive for ppl to learn more than one character.

I want someone to find some gamebreaking shit for someone like Rose or Dan.

Yeah, pretty much.

There’s no question that Super IV’s gonna be unbalanced. I still think it’s gonna be good though.