An easy way to find out how good street fighter 4 is for the Non casual gamer

okay so the question is (as i stated in another post without any answer) is, if you could have only one street fighter for the next ten years which one would you chose? street fighter 4 or one of the many other street fighters?

let the witty insults begin.

If you could choose one retarded topic in Fighting Game Discussion and ban the topic creator, which topic would it be?

Just play whatever you like most.

i will, but im curious what you would choose. take your own advice and just go to the threads you like.:lame:

SFIV vs Capcoms entire backlog of 2d fighters doesnt seem very fair

SFIV is good, but its no secret Capcom doesnt get it right the first time around.

Look at a game like A3, it was hot for a couple of years but got played out due to V-ism combos. Who knows how SF4 is going to play out. I bet over time people are gonna figure out how to do el-fuerte’s ‘infinite’ on a consistent basis in SF4, making it played out and broken until the second version comes out.

its really unfair to compare SF4 to other games thats been around already for 10+ years. also the fact that the now popular games are results of being remade many times over makes it more balanced, which adds to its longevity. So with that being said, I rather stick with my ST or 3S over SF4 for the time being.

HDR and ST are both the shit, but SFIV is fucking hot fire and has bombass netplay and is completely new and interesting to examine.

You aren’t going to discover anything new in HDR unless it’s a bug, but EVERYONE can discover bomb ass broken and abuseable shit in SFIV. It’s like asking whether you want to stay in Chicago for the next ten years or explore mars. They’re both cool places, but Mars is new.

2.5D doesn’t make it for me

and yet another thread to bash SFIV,


pretty much…

Hahah Airthrow, priceless analogy. :bgrin:

Except most people are never going to find anything “new” in SFIV, they’ll hear about it from youtube/SRK and ape it.

Most people would rather go to cool shit they’ve heard about in Chicago than wander around Mars with no idea of what to do. Sure the view is nifty for a little while, but eventually they’ll ask if there’s a guide book.

Not that it detracts from SFIV anymore than any other game.

ST or HDR.

I hope they make another Street Fighter but with graphics like the new King Fighters.

or at least SF III HD Remix.

Wait holy shit this analogy my brain is melting

I think the point Airthrow tried the make that few didn’t grasp is that Super Turbo has been out for 10+ years (Chicago reference), so what new strategies or stuff to be found is going to be much less likely for a new game (Street Fighter IV) which hasn’t even had a year worth of playing yet.

The fact that Super Turbo has been around for so long and has been played for such a long time gives example to how much players put into the game and in return the knowledge that is receive from it for such a long time and experience spent with it, something that has yet to achieved with Street Fighter IV and is very unlikely to happen for quite some time.

Street Fighter IV being a relatively new game has yet to have it’s surface truly scratched.

SFIV vs All Capcom Fighters isn’t a good choice for the poll.

I just know there’s no oxygen on mars. Also, I’ve never been to Chicago. What is this topic about?

Lemme try again.

ST is a very, very, very “digital” game. If you look at high level Japanese videos, it is nearly impossible to tell the players apart except by their character selection, because there pretty much only is a “correct” way to play the characters, and then various wrong ways to play the characters. You can look at ST videos and see when someone truly plays their character “correctly” they nearly always win, but it’s also very very robotic and pretty predictable. The predictable part doesn’t usually matter because the “correct” way to play is correct because it is so strong and has very few holes in it.

No one really knows the full depth of what is the “correct” way to play SFIV yet, which makes it more interesting.

That would seem to imply that SFIV is an incredibly deep game and we would be seeing all new stuff and gameplay for years to come. I really doubt that. But I like surprises, so I’ll keep my eyes open…

I would go with HD 2D like King of Fighters XII any day. SFIV is nice, but KOFXII brings tears to my eyes…:sad:…knowing someone cares for the 2D enthusiast.

Now a sequel to 3S would be godly like that.