An educated perspective on T.Hawk changes



I was rattling m brain about what’s wrong with T.hawk as a character so I sat down and made a list of Changes…true educated ones
I feel like if these changes were implemented, this would make him not only a balanced character, but much more true to what they were going after in character design.

Mexican Typhoon
Jab increased to 1.55 damage increased to 185
Strong damage increased to 220
No change to fierce

Tomahawk Buster
All three versions changed to 5 frames on start up
Jab version airborne.
No changes on range or damage

Condor Spire
Increase speed on all versions so that links like Jab xx Condor spire are possible.
Jab versions changed to -1 on hit
Strong changed to -3 on hit
Fierce changed to -5 in on hit

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We already have a thread for this.

Anyways, why 5 frames start up? 5 frames are ass, we have that on LP and EX. Go 4. 4 frames are fair. I’m with you when it comes down to your SPD changes and I also agree with Spire, even though I don’t like the fact you can be thrown or focused out of it. Also, Dive needs buffs. Make it a tool to harass Blanka. Make it halfway safe so you can put some pressure on those fireball fuckers.

TLDR: Capcom, give us ST/SF2(O) Hawk. I want ST/O Hawk.


Ill answer this in parts;

5 with FADC properties is fair…You have to keep in mind that T.Hawks DP is the 3rd/4th best in the game and does Sagat status damage.

The Blanka ball situation is something that I’m just not sure about… Changing something to punish something like blanka ball would be excessive. I think that is going to be a matchup that is forever going to be wonky.

Condor Dive is OK imo

My problem is that Spire is punishable on hit sure we have moves that are punishable on hit or even 0 but the fact that if you connect a spire… a REWARD…and still get blown up… so stupid.


I don’t think they would do this, but i would think it be pretty awesome if they didn’t give T. Hawk a whiff animation. Kind of like in super turbo.