An Enclosure to fit 360 wired pcb other than dreamcast stick?


Hi there

I was wondering what enclosures would fit a 360 wired pcb, Sanwa Joystick JLF-TP-8YT, 6 main Sanwa Pushbuttons OBSF-30 Snap In and 2 on the side for guide and start. I was thinking of the Dreamcast stick enclosure but it’s too damn expensive for just a case, and then I was suggested a Sega Genesis Stick enclosure but I don’t know if my gear will fit in there. I’m located in the uk so if anybody wants to sell me a cheap enclosure be sure to pm me or something.

What cheap enclosures do you guys recommend? I’m using a box atm and it’s just falling apart.




Boosh! First google link.

But yeah, just look around, there are so many options.


I think buying a case from the states would be a bit inconvenient for someone in the UK like the OP.
How much do you (LuckyDay) charge for delivery to the UK? Paypal is saying free shipping but that seems a bit strange for such a bulky package.


Even so, with the exchange rate from GBP or Euros, and the likelyhood of the shipping being about another 20 bucks at most, the OP will probably still end up better off than buying locally lol.

Then again, there’s a lot of what the SRK community calls “ghetto cases” (affectionately named, no doubt) - made out of old briefcases, folding chess boards, etc. In reality, I just like QCF’s stuff, and was trying to link to them without doing so directly. I guess the cat’s out of the bag now, though.