'An Eternal Soul' - Nujabes documentary

Just read about it over on Hypebeast. I am super stoked!!

I am extremely hype for this.

Sounds awesome. Can’t wait.

I’m feeling pretty hyped after watching that trailer. Looking forward to this whenever it drops.

Woah, looks godlike. Choked up a bit at the end.

Maaan one of my favorite artist of all time… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgXxDFvfdhM

Awesome! I can’t wait.

Man, just got me all emotional.

Man…I get emotional whenever i hear or see anything Nujabes. Can’t wait for this.

The last little clip of the trailer gave me chills.

Just started listening to this guy, he’s definitely made better beats then anything I’ve heard from lady Gaga.

so do millions of other artists =/

Modal Souls Classic II - Y’all need to get this. Remix of beats Nujabes collabed with in the past.

I’m hoping there will be some new (previously unreleased) tracks that comes with the movie, but at the same time I hope it won’t be anything lackluster like Luv(sic) part 4. It’s also quite possible that the soundtrack will feature producers influenced by Nujabes, since the trailer does depict Emancipator, and there’s been many tracks and albums produced to commemorate Nujabes’ life since he passed away last year.

I’m surprised you’ve never heard of Nujabe until now. But hey, I guess everybody gotta start somewhere.

Also, Nujabes was a musician while Gaga is a ‘artist’ - if you can comprehend to what I mean.

His music is like the closest thing to nirvana on this earth. Is there any way I can see the trailer without logging in to Vimeo?


You don’t need to log into anything, you just watch it.

It says that the video is private for me, and that I need to login to watch.

Seriously, I still can’t believe he’s gone. I went on a 4-hour drive on Saturday just listening to his music. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again:

World’s End Rhapsody.

I can’t watch this. :frowning: Is it the same as this vid? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKaiGHNbqEo

Nah, I think the trailer in this thread is alot newer

Thanks for this announcement. Never would have known otherwise. I’ll gladly check it out.