"An ethernet cable is not connected"

I keep getting the error “an ethernet cable is not connected” sometimes and it kicks me off PSN , I don’t know why this is happening , the wire is good and is connected…I’m thinking it might be something with my router? It sucks getting discon percentage cus of this stupid error and boot me mid match…it even locks up the game to the point where i have to hard reboot my ps3 , has anyone ever heard of this?

It’s probably your router. It happens to me sometimes. (Happened alot within this past months).

This is the reason why I have 14 incomplete games in my BlazBlue. It does get annoying.

But you can just direct connect to your modem if you have to.

Try another port on your router and/or another cable

Your router is probably resetting on you and causes the PS3 to lose connectivity altogether. Check your router configs or check online for some information on your router. There’s usually some advice for situations like these.