An example of how to get banned


Get MvC3 Mod Chindogg out of power!

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Less than 10 minutes after my comment about how Auto-Correct works.

Originally Posted by Chindogg
Don’t be an idiot that creates multiple accounts to continue being an idiot and you’ll stay off my radar.

My comment
Off topic/clear, derogatory insult of other users/flame bait/harassment/abuse of power


oh god


uhh ok…


How many times have you been banned this week alone?




go back to eventhubs


Internet cafe, a friends house! It wont stop me! GET THAT DICK-HEAD OUT!!!


chindogg is a p bad mod all things considered but i think arturo was worse.


is this clover4lyf or ihatesentinel?


Ah, I love when I’m right. Some seize TC’s computer, he needs a time out.


All signs point to option #1.


cumlord chindoggr, chindogg smells like a poop who suck keits nuts for mod job


Yep. It’s kind of funny. He calls me out for flaming and trolling, and he gets banned and does this. He’s a sore loser.


i meant to make those tags but its funnier that i messed that up.


I’m flattered. Really.


LOL, Clover4lyf = biggest fail of 2010.

Banned thrice from SRK and I believe banned from Unity as well. All that’s needed is for him to get banned from Eventhubs so he can have sort of fail trifecta.


I almost feel like stickying this.


DO IT! So future generations may know of this ultimate fail.


This is what happens when 23 year olds pretend to be Marvel vets…


^ That too.