An Exterminator's Job The Bob Gem Thread



This is for what gem’s works best with bob.


Bob deals decent damage, especially if you can do the Granchi loop. I’d think that the loop is one of the few moves that benefit from power gems though, as other gems may benefit him more.

For example, abusing speed gems. Bob has a great jump, mixed in with some neutral jump mixups, crossups, I think the bit of extra speed will make his mixups even better.

Otherwise, since I’m not great at playing Bob at the moment… I’m just using fortitude gems. Can’t really go wrong with being able to take more damage haha.


I’d say whatever gems will help you most online, because they’re gonna be banned at tournaments. HAH! :slight_smile:

Jokes aside (but it’s true), a fat dose of speed gems should seriously help open people up online in the laggy environment.


i was thinking the EX divine speed and a lvl 3 combo power gem for one set … then a fort. speed x2 gem set for second choice


Still do not know exactly what type of gem to use for Bob (I’m using a pure defensive set on all my characters to stay in rounds longer and learn matchups), but my favorite condition for him has to be the ones that involve hitting special moves. Especially if you use Bob as a second character, his Cracker/chop/giga jacker combo he can do coming in on a launch automatically activates them.


extra meter from blocked attacks.
extra meter and speed off a launcher.

i run bob on anchor but i love to tag him in before i get any meter built. he is REALLY sick off that launcher


+10% speed for partner launch and landing a counter hit. Vitality recover. I usually have both speed gems activated within a few seconds off my first launch. Bob seems like the only character that becomes a monster with speed gems.


I was rocking meter building gems and speed gems that activate off 4 special attacks… if I land one combo, I’m flashing colours!

Recently I switched them out for all power gems that activate off special moves and normals… If I land a combo, they all activate. If I land a combo while they’re activated, I can get ~600 meterless damage. :looney:

In the end though, I’d say that meter building gems and an auto-block would probably be the best idea. Uugh.


So what exactly do the movement boost gems do that regular Bob does not? I never really noticed the difference, so I’d like to know if there’s more applicable differences before I abandon my vitality gems. Like, what makes him specifically better to use them than the rest of the cast, is it his jump-speed?



if you get your mk/hp cross up/fake goin on at its the right range with speed gems its pretty much unblockable. especially if you stack them
and it makes neutral jump hp insanely fast


If you stack them you can even do stuff like:

Deep Jump RH
Neutral jump HP

and it will all combo.


That’s very interesting, must try. Right now I’m using the lv.1 3 specials and level 2 4 specials in the hopes that they stack. I understand them being able to combo, but how does the cross up become pretty much unblockable? I can see they’d be less successful in A-Airing it with non Invincible reversals and the like, but I always thought of a crossup attempt as being 50/50 regardless.


“unblockable” in this game only means incredibly difficult to read.

yea they have a 50/50 chance of blocking it but its only a guess (this is where conditioning comes in). they dont know which side its gonna be but you do and can be ready for whatever happens next. throw on some speed gems and now they have that much less time to decide on what to guess before you land that all important hit.

i pretty much jump in like this

j.HP, s.MP, cr.HP xx bnb on hit; cutting coppa/lyo break/perfect press on block
since the j.HP gives you plenty of hit/block stun to do s.MP, cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.HP xx bnb on hit; the above 3^ or another standing jab into gaufrettes mixups
i can never get the s.MP after a j.MK…

(should probly learn to drop that second jab^)


Wow. Once again I was able to beat someone I had no business beating, this time thanks to jumping in for free pretty much against a Sagat. Stacking Movement is definitely great for Bob, if he can convert on two combos in that period I’d say it is pretty much game over. I have to wonder if it is all for nought, however, as long as competitive play stays boost gemless. Maybe one of the reasons pros are not playing Bob is that perhaps his greatest asset is banned due to gamers being impatient.

Another question: since Juri shares the same jump speed as Bob, does that mean she is just as lethal with speed gems, or does Bob have some properties that make him better with them on? I feel there’s less talk about her with them, but maybe because I do not look for Juri strategies and she certainly does not need them to be viable. I dunno, I’d like to think of it as something Bob does the best.


i main juri/bob actually

yea her cross up game is equally as sick so im sure speed gems would be great… never thought about it tho as i just give her meter and health cause she really doesnt need anything… godlike slut…

wait… stacked speed gems with the cr.hp jump cancel cross up/fake… omg
good thinkin


Right now I’m running a pandora bob set up :p. Extender, then I stack pandora speed, +15% speed after I get hit by eight normals, and pandora power.

Hello x-factor bob


How is that working?I know he has the ability to combo after a Pandora activation with certain players, and I guess with super speed jump you can catch someone really off guard. Why hit by 8 normals though?


I’m running with attack gems 001, 009, and 010. Connect with 5 normals, 3 specials, and 4 specials. So… land a B&B, especially near the corner, and they can all activate, and then you have +40% damage boost. Land another mixup and they’re pretty much dead.

The speed-gem route seems like a really good idea too though… Hrm.


I use the hit by eight normals because it usually kicks in a little bit later in the round. Easier to stack with pandora speed gem.

Hm, I actually might try a power set up like yours though because it seems like a 40% damage boost without pandora is a pretty powerful move. I always wondered about the 3/4 special move activated gems though…does cracker > follow up count as two specials?


Yup! :slight_smile:

It’s not easy to get 4 specials in one combo midscreen, but in the corner it’s a piece of cake.