An idea for a side event at EVO2K8


So I was watching some combo vids of SF4 and what not and I thought of something that im sure everyone else has as well.

Why dont we have a “H-O-R-S-E” contest with combos? Call it “C-O-M-B-O”. Basic premis goes something like this:

Player performs a combo in a set game (for example in HD:Remix)
Say the combo is J.FP, D.FP, Hadoken with Ryu.
The next person has to perform that same exact combo in order for him not to receive a “C”. And the rest goes on like the game of HORSE for basketball.

I figure it would be interesting to have combo vid makers/top players alike to perform their own combos (like Strider infinite on Sentinel).

I know it sounds stupid, but I thought it would be a cool thing to see on the big screen at EVO this year. Anybody else think so? Or am I just being retarded? (Probably just being retarded lol)



I think that’s a pretty cool idea with more complex combos, but i doubt it would but at EVO. too gimmicky. also, anyone truly good with a certain character should be able to do anything the character can do on their first try.


Oh man, last year’s Evo is going to be so hype!


Huh? Im sure you mean this years evo right.


Sure, how about an event where people can sign up to play real ST instead of HDR. I think maybe 1 out of every 10 people I’ve played, talked to, asked, whatever, actually prefer HDR over ST, so I’d be curious to see how a side event giving people the option to play ST would pan out. It’d be funny if the “side” tournament actually had more interest, and forced HDR to be buried in a ditch from here on out in favor of ST.


Fuck yea man I can’t wait. :looney:


could do it for mahvel or guilty gear


Hey rod, I am all for that. Sounds fun. And i look forward to meeting you this year at EVO.