An idea for BlazBlue 2 new char (Lee from Last Blade)

I don’t really play BlazBlue much (only once in arcade and once in friend’s house), but I remember playing Litchi.

Since Litchi is Chinese with medicine background, wouldn’t it be cool if someone that looks like Wong Fei Hung joins the second game. They can just states that he is her brother/lover and came to search for her or something. =P

I just think it would be cool to have a Chinese character fighting with lion dance. I wished Lee ( from Last Blade would use the lion dance from his intro as a super or alternative mode in the game. If implemented into BlazBlue, the D button can be used to switch between each modes with some limitation. The lion dance mode would have super armer like Juggernaut from MVC2 to absorb stun from opponent’s attack. The lion dance mode would be slower, shorter combo, but more damaging per hit, while regular mode would be faster, more combo, but less defense.

An example of a combo would be from lion dance mode do some basic 2-3 hits then launch the oponent into the air, then switch back to regular mode to do some air combo. I think it would look pretty cool.

Speaking about Litchi, don’t you guys think Jam from GG is a lot better in design/looks?

Doesn’t really need it’s own topic

Oh, haha, you almost got me there.

Litchi’s love is Arakune. She’s all about the beeeeeeees.

…How is litchi chinese?

her name perhaps?

maybe if arakune is her love… arakune’s real name’s last name is Faye and her maiden name was Ling. Ling is a chinese last name


well the most obvious one is the name lol

she lives in orient town

lau chu or whateverthefuck the panda is called is basically “mouse” in chinese

theres probably more but i already feel bad for posting in a bad thread

I’d rather have Hibiki.

There’s a short interview with one of the character designers in which he mentions Litchi as “the Chinese girl” and that he “likes kung fu with a staff.”

Much rather have hibiki aswell, or mukuro.

Nah, just make GeorgeXIII playable on his own.

this thread is still open? shock! bf where ya attt

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