An idea for Dan: One-Armed Fighting!

I found this site in another thread. It shows off all of the concept art for the characters and stages in SFIV.

Scrolling through, I found two particular concepts of Dan here and here, which gave me an idea. “Hey! What if Dan, to further exhibit his mastery of the Saikyo arts, could tuck away one arm to fight?” It could be an alternate stance of his, a powerful extension of Saikyo that only Dan can perform. It could give him a new list of moves or specials, as well.

Of course, this would all just be for fun. It would be pretty great to go against Sagat and beat him down with only one arm! Neglecting Gadoukens for really frustrating looking punches.

What do you guys think?

I think it would be funny as an option. But I don’t know… I think I take Dan way too seriously, haha

I like Dan’s stance now. It shows power.

Like the ground shakes when he stomps his foot.

Dan is awesome.

Dan = Oro!?!?!?!?!?