An idea for making x-factor not a joke

A lot of people hate x factor because it adds many things that some say random. Here are the ways that it could be changed to make it better for everyone. Sorry if it sounds dumb…

  1. Remove the power boost or make it minuscule. This game is all about the crazy combos with high damage, x factor removes the need for cool combos and makes the damage catastrophic.

  2. Nerd the speed boost, but not as hard as the powered nerd, maybe half.

  3. Have certain characters have majorly increased hit stun on certain specials or normals. These can be called “extenders” or “ex’s”, although that would be a bit confusing. Regardless what this would allow would increase the depth for characters as well as letting people do some crazier combos. Also, thanks to damage scaling, it would do a lot of damage but not 3 hit death combos. Things like Dantes jam session x factor loop or x 23s loop would be more common place. This would make for a more refined and deeper game that allows everyone to enjoy it. Newer players spend more time learning the game and are more gratified of the cool combos they are doing, and pros find little things that up their game significantly. Although there would have to be a way to stop infinites. Like I said, this is just an idea.

  4. Make Dark Pheonix not have the ability to x factor, or not depending on the state of the game in a year or two.

Anyways I would love to hear some opposite sides of view for this idea, or any complamints. Just like to get the discussion going, however, please keep it reasonable.

I can’t say I like this idea.

Why are big, long, flashy combos necessarily preferable? I feel like this introduces a lot of factors that will be difficult to foresee just for the purpose of making xfactor all about long, cool combos, itself which isn’t necessarily a characteristic that makes for a better game.

As well, the whole idea behind X-Factor is that it allows matches to still be interesting to watch after one person is down to 1 character while the other still has 3. Marvel is a game with a slippery slope where you are worse off if you have fewer characters because you have no assists; XFactor kind of counters that slippery slope (some would say it’s too much of a push in the other direction, but countering slippery slopes is in general good game design). If XFactor is instead used to extend and create long, flashy combos it kind of undermines XFactor’s purpose in the game in the first place.

Finally, it seems like this balance change would fail to address, and possibly exacerbate, the problem that certain characters benefit MUCH MORE from XFactor than other characters.

I agree with #1 as far as Lv. 1 XFC *only. *In my opinion, Lv. 1 XFC either shouldn’t exist (Level 2 should be Level 1 and Level 3 should be Level 2, imo) or should be an Alpha-counter/speed boost only. This would eliminate the ability for certain characters (cough-Wolverine-cough) to just Lv. 1 XFC and fuck your team over in about ten seconds flat. Oh sure, you’d still get a Wolvie that can combo off of a throw and become a terror with XFC + Berserker Charge, but at the very least, he can’t can’t fucking one-shot She-Hulk.

I see no point in #2. Nerf the speed, why? Aside from the aforementioned Wolverine and Chun-Li (who hasn’t been tourney viable for months now), no one’s really been complaining about the speed in and of itself.

Also, why is #3 needed? We’re still learning of the ridiculous things we can do outside of XFC. Why do we need more hit-stun extension?

And #4 is just completely pointless. Why should every other character have the ability to do it, but not her? I agree with perhaps toning down her XFC benefits, but not having XFC at all? Why don’t we just make Wolverine not able to use Supers while we’re at it?

I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again, the idea that King Zeal proposes in regards to X-Factor is probably my top choice for changes in regards to X-Factor.

If X-Factor is supposed to be a comeback mechanic, then there really is no need for damage boosts in level 1 X-Factor when you have all three team members and you’re not attempting to make a comeback. It doesn’t make sense.

As far as suggestion 1, I can’t say it any better then Zeal said.

Number 2, I don’t see a reason why speed should be nerfed by half if you’re already proposing a major damage nerf across all levels of X-Factor. What’s the point of X-Factor at that point if there’s barely any damage or speed boosts? It’s no longer a comeback mechanic.

Number 3 would never, ever happen and I don’t know what this suggestion has to do with X-Factor to be honest.
All that would do is open a floodgate for infinites that Capcom would patch, and after they patched out all of the infinites this game would arrive back to where it is now.
The only way I could see them instigating more moves that cause huge amount of hitstun is if they went the C. Viper route and these moves requires 1 meter to use. But this has absolutely nothing to do with X-Factor, so I’m not entirely sure why it was brought up.

Number 4, Dark Phoenix with X-Factor in general isn’t the problem, it’s Dark Phoenix with level 3 X-Factor. If X-Factor was nerfed the way King Zeal suggests, then she would be a slightly more manageable.

  1. Either X-Factor timer is consistent across all levels or X-Factor damage is consistent across all levels
  2. Dark Phoenix still loses life during X-Factor
  3. XFC after a throw does not reset throw damage scaling penalty

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