an idea


Hi, I don’t post that often in the art thread, mainly because I haven’t been inspired to do video game related artwork. but I was wondering, a lot of other art sites out there do weekly fixed subject art contests, and I think the idea may carry over here well also. I’m not proposing any prize contests or anything, just something to get the competitive spirits going (mainly because this IS a fighting game site), and to get everyone in this forum to improve as a group.

What I think would work is if once a week we throw out a subject matter (like a specific character), then by the end of that week everyone who wants to participate posts up the artwork they did for that character. That way everyone is kinda limited to what they can do, but can still learn off of the different styles and techniques everyone else uses. Also, feedback is a key issue in making this a success. If your just going to cram something out in 5 minutes then post it, you should get the comments you deserve. And if you don’t want any feedback, you don’t have to post anything…simple as that. Looking through these forums it seems like the people that have stuck it out over a year have really improved on their drawing talents, and I think this sort of friendly competition would easily inspire some great work out of people.

So let me know. Does this sound like a good idea that at least a few people would want to take part in? Or am I just rambling on at 4am? Post something and let me know!:slight_smile:


it took u all that, to say u want to do a theme every week.


Sounds cool, but sometimes people just don’t wanna draw a certain character and wanna do whatever they want. I’m down with the idea though.


im down if sfmc is down =)


cool, seems like a couple of you would be up for this. might start small with just a few people, but hopefully others will start contributing also.

I’ll post a thread tommorrow with a poll of like 4 or 5 characters you can vote on for the first theme.


yeah many artforums hold these kinda stuff, though this place only has a certain amount of artist, so it might just work.


this sounds cool. if i can ever get my scanner working again, i’ll probably be down, at least maybe every other week.

might not be too many people tho, cause artists come and go here all the time. people drop of for months and then come back etc …


Sounds good to me, this might help me to start drawing more consitantly.