An Important Message about the Fighting Games Community

Evolution is now finally over, and the aftermath is starting to die out.

Traditionally, this would mark the “end” of the 2006 tournament season of Street Fighter, and there would be a huge lull in competitive SF play until the first few months of 2007, traditionally started with SBO quals and then either Final Round or Texas Showdown.

However, I feel strongly that this year poses a major exception to the rule.

This past year, we saw the true potential that the Street Fighter (and fighting games in general) community has yet to unlock. We saw events that used to be small regionals grow huge and move into large venues…evolution of existing fighting game majors into smoothly-run, streamlined events…more locally held tournaments and events than EVER before…and finally, the culmination of all of this into the most high-sponsored and media-covered fighting game event in history, Evolution 2006.

What is my point?

The community is now, finally, at a major turning point.

We are on the verge of breaking into the mainstream like never before. MTV, GGL, Gametrailers, video game websites, Ziff Davis media, and numerous other outlets are EXTREMELY interested in the fighting game community thanks to the efforts of many selfless individuals. Now, more than ever, we have a chance to prove the the nation, and the world that our “little side hobby” is something worthy of massive sponsorship and promotion. We are on the verge of hitting the big time, we just don’t know it yet.

So why am I making this speech?

I’ve found that in the few weeks post-Evolution, a lot of people have been de-motivated. Understandably, after the “nationals” of our beloved fighting games have finished, a lot of us want to take a break, and get back to our real-life activities.

But at the same time, I feel this is a rallying point for all of us who feel strongly about the games we play in our free time, and the future of the community.

My point is, we should NOT let the next 6 months be a major lull in the fighting game scene.

Instead, we should do everything in our human power to GET PEOPLE MOTIVATED and get things going. If you have a local scene, inspire these people to play. It doesn’t matter if you have a local arcade to throw a get-together or a tournament…or if you’re forced to get 5 of your gamer friends into your grandmom’s basement to play on a Saturday night.

If you already have a local scene, GREAT. Get those gamers together for NEW mini-regionals, have Ranbats and ranking battles, do silly gimmick get togethers for prizes.


At Evo 2k6, just before the ultra-hyped Duc-Sanford match, Chris Li made a statement onstage: “It’s not about the hate, it’s about the hype.” This is 100% the correct attitude to have. I may be called the King of Hate, but over the years what I’ve really tried to do is inspire hype in the community, whether it be through controversy or organizing events, or playing the games we all love so much.

RIGHT NOW, your community is waiting to be hyped up. We are at a crossroads where we have the capability to take the power into our own hands and finally take the fighting game scene into the mainstream media, and blow it up into monstrous proportions. Sitting around for the next 6 months saying you need to “take a break” or “nothing is going on” is not going to fulfill that requirement of hype that the community needs at this time.

In October, SRK staff will be teaming up with GGL to run two fighting game tournaments at the Digital Life Expo in New York City. Right now it is looking like the games will either be Tekken 5, MvC2, or 3s. REGARDLESS of what games are selected, if you are a true fighting game enthusiast, MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO BE THERE. It’s not about the prizes or the quality of the tournament right now. What it’s really about is convincing sponsors that our community is WORTHY of throwing their money at. By having a tiny turnout at a major event like this, the first time that fighting games have EVER made it to a featured tournament event, we are going to be counterproductive to our cause.

In conclusion, do not let the “end of the 2006 tournament season” turn you off to the fighting game scene as it has in previous years. If anything, the results of the past year should inspire us and motivate us to take these few months and do everything that is within our power to keep things going. You don’t have to be a top player to do so, all you have to do is motivate those that have that interest to keep playing and get HYPED. If we can truly do this, and we can prove to groups like GGL and sponsors like Toyota that we are worth their attention, then the possibilities are limitless.

I look forward to seeing you all during events this year, and hopefully next EVO, when we will have LIVE coverage by ESPN2!

Excellent post DSP.

You can afford to be excited, you are a really good player, DSP.

i say that half kidding.

We are not hitting the big time.
Speaking as an artist who regularly wakes up with cold sweats becuase of his own grand visions of the impossible to comprehend fighting games of the future, who has already set the long term goal of using/making fighting games as a medium to supersede and reject the goddam coming golden age of man… fah fah into the future… i can tell you honestly that I will skullfuck and suck the success and potential fighting game community, by keeping my mouth shut and doing nothing.

wa wa wait!! did you say ESPN 2?

im down for whatever yo!!!

I run most of the tournaments here in Oklahoma (Oklahoma people!), and we got some good players that I would like to see get somewhere.
Being married and having a good job kind of turns my desire to get involved even more off though. My life is my soon to be family and my work.
But if I find time to get myself involved even more then I already am, I will.
Good post though DSP. Its good to see people that can do it and will.

son, if shit somehow got popping on espn2…i’d be there…good post too, something that actually holds my attention at work…

Great post DSP, and PimpC, your av is sliiiiiiick. Duck King > all.

This Digital Life thing sounds interesting. I’ma ask X30 about it again so I can prepare for it if I do end up going. They better have 3S.

Chances are, it’ll be Tekken 5.
A lot of people just don’t see 2D as being marketable anymore.

would love to see 3s on there. Garou would be even better :lol:

but your right. 3D owns 2D when it comes to the general public. If thats the case then I should support Rival Schools Project Justice!!!

“when we will have LIVE coverage by ESPN2!”

wtf? did i miss somthing?

BTW, good post.

that’s why i want to go live in japan or america

italy sucks at fighting scene :frowning:

5 players for 3s
3 for XI

randoms that don’t know how to play decently in learning the deep of a game

my skills in vs won’t raise over a certain point
very sad

DSP speaks the truth

Holy Crap! L33t post. We do a casual in some guy’s basement and it would be cool to start a RanBat, but motivating the retirees is hard enough. This could do the trick. ESPN 2? You americans! I’d better see some serious Garou-on-demand action or I’m coming after Wiz! l

Interesting post from the King Of Hate. Too bad the scene at CF is slowly dying. I would definitely like to see a resurgence to the days CF old. Even though NYC has Web2Zone for Friday night console gaming, its not that bad. But, not everybody has the time to attend either. Work and shit kills us.

Although this Digital Life tourney sounds intriguing, its gonna nothing more than T5. If a 2D fighter makes then sure, I’ll go. When is Digital Life anyway?

DSP Great thread!..=)

If your goal in having people see the fighting game played at high levels and go “whoa so cool!!!” shouldn’t you avoid 3S? I mean, it’s a great game. But people will see it and be like “wow…this is slow…” and change the channel or they’ll say “man…only those three?” and then change the channel (let’s not start that argument…even though I’m opposed to tweaking the game, cmon…people will want to see more than those three).

The game, if it’s gonna be on TV, should be something flashy, fast and with a wide variety of characters. Your average TV viewer doesn’t wanna see a MvC2 match end after 10 minutes of chip damage. Your average TV watcher would see Daigo parrying a Chun Li super and be like “…?”. Your average TV viewer would just change the channel after catching a glimpse SF2’s outdated looks. Your average TV viewer would see CvS2’s inconsistent palette and get bored after they see their fourth Blanka/Sagat/Vega team poke somebody to death.

So yeah, the best games would be either Garou (if scrubs saw Kevin doing his explosive juggles and a good Rock rushdown, they’d think it was nasty stuff), Tekken 5, VF4/5, SC3:AE (if it hits consoles) or DOA4 (all those due to sheer flashiness). Not that other games are BAD GAMES. But that your common scrub doesn’t appreciate a fine pressure string and traditional looks.

Thats what Im saying. Garou owns. Its definitly a high paced 2D fighter. This vid here is real good by the way.

Dont give me that bull crap that Garou would look flashier to the viewers eye than 3rdstrike will ever be. For you to understand whats going on in a fighting game, you have to play the game and get use to their engine first. No way in hell would any noobie viewers understand fighting games just by simply watching it on TV. When you play the game and compare your playing style to the better players out there, you will notice the difference between you and them. If you watch the game without ever even setting one finger on a button, then you wouldnt even come close to understanding whats going on. Its like watching a japanse movie with subtitle or english language, would you know what the heck their talking about if you dont even know japanese in the first place? its not about how flashy a game is or how fast the gameplay moves, but rather if you can understand it and know whats going on that counts. I guess you yourself dont even understand fighting games yet, so go back to your daily trainning cause you gonna need it.

For fighting games to break into the main stream today, the scene would have to be as big as Counter-strike or atleast come close enough to it. I dont see fighting games going anywhere since the GOLDEN AGE of fighting games die down after the 90’s. the 90’s would’ve been the best time for fighting games to make it to ESPN because of the hype surrounding it and the MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR competition around it compare to today. The prizes today are to small too when you compare fighting game prizes to other video game prizes out there. You also try to get new people into fighting games, but the results alway turn out bad. Arcades are dead, competition are too far away and the player base is too small.

For me, I dont ever see fighting games reaching that golden age anymore, but their is still some hope, it might only be 1%, but hey, thats better than nothing right?:wonder:

The point flew well over your head.

Hey! That Garou game looks cool! Never heard/played anything past Fatal Fury SNES. Aw man, but I researched it and it’s only available through import and I also don’t have a Dreamcast.