An Important Message about the Fighting Games Community

I sent you a PM…

Now if fighting games finally hit some serious mainstream i agree that 3d games would probably be the only ones… so in this case i will be supporting Virtua Fighter, Soul Calibur and KoF MI2 [and any other 3d versions of 2d games that come out, assuming they are actualy good.]

Venessa FTW

digital life is haveing both mvc2 and 3rd strike

see you all there

About once a week, usually every Friday evening, I go to the local arcade and see a few regulars in there on CVS2. It’s almost always the same guys, and they’re roughly the same skill level as me. This is mid-MI, and there’s basically no scene here, but these guys still show up and play the game anyway. It’s cool to see that kind of dogged dedication, and it’s also nice to have some decent competition.

Just thought I’d share that. Sometimes, it only takes a handful of people and a handful of quarters each to keep the game going.

I’ll contribute however I can. :sad:

Yeah, usually I take like 3 months off even playing fighting games, but I think we gotta keep it all going.

A big concern or just consideration for me is the sponsored pro gamer events vs open tournaments. I haven’t thought much about it, but there maybe issues in the future…

If anything, its the Canons we should praise for getting great sponsors (Toyota) and coverage ( They have the strongest will to keep this community together, whether its Tekken, Street Fighter, or Guilty Gear.

I’ve had more people look into fighting games as a serious competition (mostly former fps players) due to Guilty Gear than anything else. I know it’s not the big thing here, but everything about it looks flashy and anime-esque. I, at least, also think it’s a great game.

great post DSP, really got me thinking about something bigger (even though I’m no real part of it)

Don’t worry, Windlord. Everyone here either thinks it’s a great game or they’re so stupid their opinion was invalid before they even thought it.

I hate being in the MiDWEST. Nobody comes to you we gotta go to everybody else! Too expensive fo a po black nicca. If I had it my way I’d be living it up traveling to all the tournies getting experience like Justin and Ricky but I just dont got it like that.

weak sauce

thanks for telling me to play fighting games dsp, don’t know what i’d do without you!

you can’t expect people who are looking for football games to stop and check out a 3s match. almost every video game fan knows sf in some aspect and if they recognize it, and they probably will, they will check it out. just hope it doesn’t air opposite to family guy :arazz:

Darksyde, when do you think you will get more info about the event? Just want to be able to plan ahead!

I dont think the point of some tv coverage is for everyone to understand whats going on at the time, but for example espn2 had the world domino championships. Im pretty sure there’s fewer people relating to tournament level dominos than to SF, which 20-30 y/o males identify with. I watched the finals of that, I had very little idea what was going on, but I enjoyed it. Regardless, saying “oh it wont work” “people wouldnt watch” or w/e form of negativity is useless, if your not trying to help SF get higher then your holding it down, get out of the way. DSP is right, this is a chance we’ve been waiting for for a while, the first steps have been taken, lets do everything we can to finish this.

CF is actually kicking up a bit these days.

If Guilty Gear became a staple American game for the community, get fucking Majesco to publish the sequels somehow.

Lack of American release is really holding it back, we have #R for Xbox, and no good joysticks for Xbox, and the community has already moved on.

Hopefully Accent Core and all further releases will get American ports. A $30 price tag would move the game swimmingly as well.

To echo what someone else said, what the Cannons and pals have done is really amazing, they are just regular dudes that had the drive to do something special rather than just talk the talk.

I’d agree though, for general comsumption from the populance, 3D games probably stand a lot better chance at keeping their attention. They may get someone nostolgic by seeing some people play ST, but people don’t keep tuning in for nostolgia’s sake. People watch Poker in the numbers they do, because a lot of people play poker, sadly a show showing real kids fighting Pokemon against each other would relate to more people than people playing ST.

The only 2D game that may have a shot is GG because of how it could possibly crossover with the anime fans. (Though then you’d almost need coverage to show up on Cartoon Network or something, lol.)

Anyway, any interest in the fighting game community is good, even if it means that games like Tekken are in the forefront. (Which is no knock to tekken, I like tekken.)

Yeah, the only 2d games that would really capture the populace would be the good-looking, fast ones. And really, the only ones like that which come to mind are KOFXI, Garou and GG.

Seeing as how everyone’s talking about the whole tv thing, i agree it would be great to showcase top players skills at good looking 2d games and 3d games, Guilty Gear, the SNK big 3, Garou,and Tekken seems to be excellent, but then where does that put our SF fans? the game that started the whole Fighting Game craze in the first place. I’d say for whoever’s running that on ESPN2 to rake in viewers with the pretty games, then introduce 3s and even some SF2 to the masses. This way they’ll already be watching and if they see something they like, only better for the community.

Couldn’t MvC2 and 3s be comparable? If a “scrub” saw magnus doing the rom infinite or Yun doing a GJ combo wouldnt that produce the same reaction? Also MvC2 wouldn’t be that bad imo. Alot of people will be familiar with the marvel characters like magneto and such because of the mass media around it (x-men movies, tv shows etc…) I agree with skylars point that in order for people to be entertained they have to know what is going on. How would a average person know that rock is doing a mad rush down or that kevin is doing a crazy juggle.

And alot of people know about the famous daigo full parry just check out’s latest episode. Daigo is menchined in it about his parrying. And the creaters probably don’t even know alot about SF or 3s.

just my 2 cents