An Injustice Combo Video!

Hey everyone, i created a little combo video today showing off some stuff i found with shazam, aquaman and black adam.

Check it out guys, and thanks!

By any chance, if there happens to already be an Injustice video thread, then my fault if i posted in the wrong place, didn’t see a thread available.

I made one as well but could not upload it day 1 due to camera being a total faggot

Some nice basic bnbs you got there with harley, my friend mains her lol

i was thinking of uploading a couple videos of raven. if they don’t hurry up and make the injustice character threads, i’l post it here.

Yeah, precisely why i just created a thread, so i can post a vid. I guess until the character threads come up this could be the injustice video thread

Heres mine just Flash Combo’s mind you.