An interesting development: RCF -> Super

Dunno if this has been mentioned anywhere. It’s probably not even useful since i havent been able to find a way to combo it. I was fooling around and i found that RCF can be cancelled into the Super at any time during the roll. You can actually do it off of just the first hit of the RCF if you input the following:
charge :db:,:df:,:p:,:db:,:u:(any direction)+:3k:

Make sure that :df: and :p: are not pressed at the same time, but :p: is pressed very shortly after the :df:

I think the best potential would be if you were rolling at an opponent that’s against the wall and you end with :uf:. Is there any use for this?

I’ll try to make a video of it if there are people who don’t know what i’m talking about haha.

I probably wouldnt have any use for it, since I kinda go pretty crazy on the EX Flying Barcelonas and EX Sky High Claws, so I’ll never get the super haha.

This has been mentioned in other threads. My take on it is that its’ cool and could catch opponents by surprise - but as you mentioned, EX moves play a big part of Vega’s game, so it’s quite unlikely you’ll have a full super meter.

It has been mentioned before, by me at least. :rofl:

Vegas’ super is by far the worst in the game. There’s no point in trying to find uses for it.

That being said, nice find anyways. Good to see players actively prodding and poking for themselves.

Heh. whoops. I guess the reason why I never saw it mentioned is because it’s useless :rofl:

The sad thing is - I find myself with super more often than not. Even more sad, I’d estimate I land it 60-70% of the time - in G1.

Older than jesus


Even though I played like garbage in this match in general,
Watch out for it :rofl:

:rofl: well played.

You can cancel into the super from Close :mp: and Close :hp: too.

Something like :
Cosmic Heel (during this you charge :db:), :r: + cl. :mp:, :db:, :ub:/:uf:+K
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