An interesting question posed at the female populace and all you people inbetween

I asked this in the Kayo thread but it is filled with to many troll post and male angst.
Anyways here is what I want to know.

What happens in a situation like this?

You got an all women’s tourney, prize is a really nice amount of money, and every girl there plays their asses off. A winner is decided at the end of the day and they go home with that money. It is later revealed to be a man dressed as a woman. How should the actual female players respond? Should that person be allowed to keep that money? Do their “feelings” have any say in the argument?

Should there be some sort of leeway given? Should people only be able to claim a sex after they have taken the appropiate steps like those governed by the Stockholm Consensus? How do you guys think something like this could impact Female centric tournements?

Serious debate only would be nice but good trolls are welcomed since they can’t be stopped, but before you post make sure you ask yourself these questions.

  1. Is this relevant to the thread or do I just want to show how much of an ass I am.

  2. If I want to act an ass, will anyone actually laugh at it besides myself?

  3. Why is it so hard to type and cry at the same time, maybe I should pick one.

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unless the rules state that only a female may enter into the tournament and you define what a female is by your rules, then the person that you said won broke said rules, then yea the second place should get the money.

If it were one of my tournaments, the decision would be based on the rules. If Justin Wong would dress up as Marn’s girlfriend and win my female tournament, when I would find out, and I would, it would render his victory void and he would be legally bound to return the prize money, which would be properly split between the competitors that have won it.

In the case of Kayo, Kayo has identified itself as a female and still continues to do so as far as I’m aware of. I’m not going to ask the entrants for their birth certificates nor to see if they have a penis or not. If their legit identification such as a driver’s ID identifies them as a female then that is sufficient. In other words, to properly and directly address your concerns, I would not force Kayo to return the money.

ElderGod: I almost didn’t read your post because I was laughing to hard at the idea of J Wong in a dress. Especially after that WCG episode. I am don’t even know if Kayo won any money, did he ever win any tourneys at all? I think him giving back any winnings wouldn’t matter if it wasn’t a female only tourney bro. Anyway lets try and keep his name to a minimum in here, he isn’t the focus, besides the guy already has a thread.

It seems I forgot that there aren’t any women that actually post in GD. :rofl:

I seem to remember that the rules for the EVO SF4 Women’s Tournament were that if you identified as a female, then you would be considered eligible for the tournament.

I’d be pretty pissed, and demand he return all said winnings, and either split it evenly, or take the top two, and have them go at it.

I understand your question, but to be quite honest, as a transexual gamer myself, I know how hard some of those conditions are to meet.

for starters, no individual may consent to starting hormone replacement treatment until they are 18 or 13 with consent from a parent.

Sexual reassignment surgery(the alteration of genital material explicitly) is a very expensive and critiqued practice. the cheapest these go for is somewhere in the range of 10 grand with most credible plastic surgeons charging in the realm of 15-17k. also you need aproval from at least 2 certified gender therapists to even consider it. obviously not something feasible for a lot of people in the 18-25 yr old range.

furthermore, there are a number of transexual women and men who chose to live as their prefered gender, but leave their genitals unchanged, a.k.a non-operative transexual.

as far as getting your gender changed on personal identification, that is sometimes even more of a nightmare depending where you live. MOST states in the continental US will not change your gender without completion of sexual reassignment surgery(in the above paragraph) other states may allow you to change your legal gender with consent of a judge and 2 reference letters from therapists specializing in gender care(typically you have to see them on a regular basis for over a year and show them indisputable proof that you are gender dysphoric to obtain such a letter.

I think if anything is the problem here, its having a women’s tournament in the first place. There is no advantage to being a girl or boy in this situation where physical strength and endurance are not a factor. therefore having a women’s exclusive tournament is a bit rude and pretentious. look at any other virtual sport(halo, cod, starcraft, etc) do you see women’s tournaments?

however i know im in the unpopular opinion here. I am knowledgable about gender politics, and in understand from personal experience exactly how transexuals feel in regards to their self. The fact is that very very few transexual people enter into this sort of decision without years of questioning and consideration to what their life will be afterwards. we dont take this decision lightly and neither should you.

thanks for reading, i apologize for the wall of text

So you think girls shouldn’t be allowed their own tournments because you wouldn’t be allowed to participate per the rules? You do know that girls are allowed to enter regular tourneys right? I thought the whole girl only thing was to allow them more comfort and or whatever.

To be frank, in physical sports, having a separate women’s league is simply addressing the reality that men are bigger, stronger, and just plain more physically able. That isn’t the most PC bit of truth, but fuck it.

On the other hand, in Street Fighter, there’s no such barrier. It’s primarily a mind game, and the other aspect, execution, isn’t something that either sex can claim superiority in. We have few women in the scene because up until recently women didn’t do a lot of gaming. That’s changed, and continues to do so. I’d bet on there being a much higher percentage of women attending (and doing very well) at tourneys over the next ten years as video games become more and more accepted as a hobby. So basically, I think the idea of a ‘women only’ tournament is ridiculous on the face of it.

That doesn’t really answer the question though. IF the person entering self identified a a woman, I don’t see the problem. If it actually WAS Jwong in a dress just trying to get paid, there would be an issue… But come on. I don’t think it matters as long as the person entering is being honest about who they are… Which sounds like hippie crap, but it applies in this case.

this has nothing at all to do with whether i want to enter such a tournament. who exactly asked the women in our community whether they wanted this supposed “comfort?”

So if jackie Chan entered a tourny dressed up as chun li and identified himself as a woman(named Jackie Chan) you would all for it simply because he said it was so?

There was a big thread about it before evo iirc. I think this is it, lol at post number 4

i think for something like this you NEED to have an offical judge to see all contestants with their pants down to verify what they got down there. That is the only way to be sure. Also you need to be upfront from the beginning if trannys are accepted or not.

If you dont do this then you are accepting the fact that some people might lie. And then theres really nothing the officlas can do about it after its over. Although all real female contestants have a legit reason to be mad and to demand that the phony give up all prizes.

i dont really think its that funny.

i understand that sentiment, but anyone who would lie about their gender to win a tournament full of women, then change back and not expect complete ostracization from the SRK community for it. I see a lot of stupid shit on this forum but i dont think anyone would damage their credibility by trying a stunt like this

I wouldn’t mind being that judge, just as long as there werent any surprises.

WaveofBabies: Come on dude, its funny in relation to this thread, especially since I wasn’t expecting to see that post lol.

I dont really know what to say dude. its not funny to me since its an issue that hits close to home

true. But for a limited edition Gold TE stick… i wouldnt mind risking being banned from Evo…

out of curiosity anyone know if any of those golden sticks appeared on ebay?

i can only imagine the backlash since im pretty sure i would have taken that tournament had i gone to evo this year. i wonder if things would have played out differently

I say if you can’t laugh at yourself than who can you laugh at? I put my golden stick on ebay but have since been asked to remove all the pictures because of the content.