An interesting thing that Keits mentioned


From teamspooky?s stream of winter brawl go to 47:08

excerpt- ?This is a sweet team tournament. When I run one of these babys I think I am going to make it so that teams can?t have duplicate characters.?

I thought about it and as a player I would absolutely hate this rule but then as a spectator I would love to see it because there are a lot of viable teams and characters out there people don?t use. Everyone wants to be lame and use the top teir characters and win. Granted we haven?t figured out the top teir yet however once we do we will just see a lot of the same stuff over and over again and this will disengage the casual spectators.

I know people are very against ideas like draft mode and any mode that limit gameplay but these rules are not for the players, these rules are to make it interesting for the viewers. If it were up to the players then they would figure out the most optimal strategy and lame it out. With rules in play to prevent such a thing it would attract more viewers. A game lives and dies buy how many spectators it can bring to watch tournaments and streams. You can have the most interesting and deep game out there but if it doesn?t attract the viewers then the tournament scene dies. People want to see many under used characters being played and not 2 sentinels dueling it out. (I know sentinel may not be top teir but he is getting annoying to see)

In ssf4 i cringed every time 2 guiles met each other in a tourney.
[media=youtube]8P2f4OivZhs[/media] (I am sure there are better examples out there)


I’d be cool with a team rule like that if it was announced in advance. Above all else, it pushes creative team builders. The team that plays all top tier clone teams would be at a disadvantage, but it’s an adaptation thing.

The best team to assemble would be the one that mains 9 different characters across the team. There’s no loss of familiarity due to having to force switches.


You’d have to do some sort of draft pick for this to work. Flip to see who gets first pick. Winner gets first char pick and then the loser gets two picks. After that, the winner gets his last two picks and then the loser gets his last pick. All of this happens out of game so that you have a choice of where you get to position your chosen teammates in your lineup.


Feel the same way.

If I was in it, I’d probably hate it (though none of my characters are particularly popular anyway).
As a spectator, it’d be great.

…JWong would still win.


If you were playing it would suck to lose your go to character but for viewers it would be way more interesting. I am not trying to hop on the bandwagon but it would be nice to see less sentinel play.


Would be nice as a side tournament or something, but as a major? Meh, not so sure about that…


I always thought it was dumb to have the same characters on a team in a fighting game.

Sometimes same character teams can lead to interesting matches, but usually it ends up being the same kind of stuff.

Awhile back I was watching a team tourney at a friends house and one team had 3 Yuns.Almost all of them doing the same stuff and it quickly became uninteresting. At the same time though there was a team with 2 Q’s that was doing some interesting stuff, with 2 different play styles.

So it really depends on the game and the players involved.

However for Marvel(at least now in it’s early stages) I think something like this can really help to grow the game.

Also to avoid Draft issues same characters are prohibited within a team, but other teams can still use them…once.


Do you mean within the same team?

cause i think what keits meant was “no duplicate characters on the SAME team”.
For example, in teams made up of 3 players each, the first matchup could technically end up:
Sent/Phoenix/Ammy vs Sent/Phoenix/Ammy

But neither of the remaining 2 players on either team could pick Sent, Phoenix or Ammy for the remainder of that set.


I guess I made it a little confusing. I wanted to use draft as an another example of rules that would be horrible as a player and good for the viewers but team draft would be interesting too.



I think he’s been talking to Dark Geese.


small tournaments yes. Majors no. Reminds me in Mvc2 i always wanted to see a tournament where you could pick the same character 3 times. Just to see what madness would be created. Could be pretty fun to watch/participate in.


I would also be interested in running it this way at least once, to see how it turned out. This would mean a team of 3 would have to play 9 different characters, and they can’t just depend on easy characters like Sentinel and Dante to win.


It’s utterly ridiculous to cap a teams skill by cutting off their character options when there is real money on the line. Each player is already an individual by having their team work as they designed it to, why people can’t take interest in the way the team is played and not what team is played is beyond me.

I saw some awesome Sentinel vs Sentinel action at GVN, people just need to get off the hate wagon for shit like that, same goes for Guile vs Guile or Sagat vs Sagat, those matches are very intense if you are paying attention to what is going on.

I agree though, seeing team tournament with people playing some of their hidden characters is always fun (thinks of Clock’s Omega Red)

It would have to be a side event for sure though. Limiting a real team match for the sake of the viewer’s interest goes against everything tournaments are designed to do. This isn’t sports, it’s not like your viewings mean anything to the player whatsoever. It’s a nice treat to be able to enjoy streams, but it’s pretty lame to think we should have any influence over what is shown on them.


How is the idea retarded? Care to explain?

Also I think keits has a deep understanding of the game since he took the time to make the hyper guide

You have to understand that mirror matches are very disengaging for the casual viewer, sure if you know whats going on it is interesting but they don’t know that. Also the more viewers a tournament gets means more money into future ones. Sponsors won’t give you money for a game that attracts no viewers.

I said before you can have the most deep and interesting game but if viewers are turned off then you have little or no tournament scene. An example of this was Warcraft 3. It was a very deep strategy game but it was so hard for new players and viewers to understand that it was hard to grow.


All you have to do is find teammates that play different characters than you. That way, you wouldn’t feel like you were limiting each other’s options.


play 2 tourneys. one is played normal and the other w/ a draft pick.

It’s still super early to decided and when you think about it this never really hurt marvel 2 did it? I watched the shit out of those matches even if i got tired of seeing the same fucking characters over and over.


Most of these tournaments are all grass roots tournaments. Sponsorships aren’t uncommon, but they aren’t the deciding factor when piecing a tournament together, first and foremost is the competition. The actual attendee’s have to be catered to before the “casual viewer” who more or less invests nothing into these tournament scenes and in reality does very little for them. These tournaments will always continue on, funded mostly by the attendees.

Once again I think you are missing the point. People pay money to enter these tournaments, therefor they team up with the strongest of the strongest to give themselves the best odds of winning the pot, turning out their investment. We don’t enter these tournaments to have a good time, we enter to win. Fun is what side tournaments are for, and they are great.


This works in games with single-characters like SF - and these team tourneys are quite popular.

But in a team game as dependant on assists/team synergy that the Versus games do… I don’t see it being that viable - re: you lose a lot of character choice because you need to pick 3 and those 3 become un-chooseable to your teammates. In an ideal world where all combinations of teams are SSS tier no matter what, then I guess it could work. It’s not how the game was designed really, and you would have really good teams where all people were good with teams that have no overlap; and other teams would likely have one good player with two others that are mediocre because they used a common character.

It does encourage some sort of exploration of lesser-used characters though, I’d agree.


Ortiz has to play Chun?!?



I think less people will play the same characters once they find other options that are as valid and as solid.
Which means give it some time.