An introduction of sorts


Hello, common fighting game players of all sprites and polygons! My name is CJ, AKA: mc.GRAVEYARD.

I would like to tell a story, if you would like to listen. (The words you read I like to imagine are my voice)

My fighting history dates back to 1997, in my third year of life (I am 16, and don’t care who knows it) when my brother bought his first fighting game, MK2… back in those days that I don’t remember, I’ve been told that I had quite a knack for raiden. Getting a little older we had all the major consoles including the dreamcast with MVC2. My big brother taught me all the basics, notation (capcom), footsies, etc. Then came the arcade… Instantly, I was in love; the games, the lights, the real arcade sticks!!! The glory of that place took ahold of my very being, it changed me. When the tilt (the local arcade) closed I was crushed. I continued to play games and eventually left the gaming scene, I sold my gamecube and playstation. I moved on only playing on other gamers consoles. It’s not that I had left my geeky roots behind, but that I hadn’t felt that joy of beating someone in the arcade in so long that my passion simply went dormant. It wasn’t until I recently picked up a nintendo DS of all things, that the flame inside me reignited. I bought a copy of Ultimate Mortal Kombat, and played it endlessly for about three months, growing in the ranks and regaining some of my skill. This online competition reminded me of a somewhat hollow version of the arcade, but none the less awakened my love for the two dimensional. Since then I have downloaded mame emu’s for my Macintosh, bought a MVC2 fightstick off craigslist, and eagerly await for the tax returns to come back so that I can purchase an xbox360 in time for super street fighter four… In which I hope to main dictator (Depending on how much they improved his priority over sf4…) or ibuki (depending on how ruthless she is compared to thirdstrike). :rofl:

That my friends, as I hope we may one day become, is my introduction.



Cool story welcome to SRK



We don’t usually do introductions on SRK. Our membership base is so large that if every new member posted one of these, this is about all we would have.


I couldn’t find anything in the stickies on intros… I guess its too late now!