An introduction to my job, and what I do around here

Hello netizens of SRK,

My name Johnulson Jeff, I am a chief Sergeant for the NCC’s (No Cussing Club) patrol squad which monitors forums around the internet and warns users about the use of unnecessary profanity.

If you want a quick synopsis of what the NCC specializes in, watch this video:


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Will someone please, Think of the Children!

As a person suffering with turrets syndrome I request ex-fucking-emption. Is there a SHITBALLS!!! form or something I can fill out for that?
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That’s why I was assigned to patrol SRK

Will you be spraying us with the mace they use on bears?!?

What kind of jackhole can spell ‘synopsis’ but there own made-up name?

You can use the word “fart”, but those other words are not appropriate.

Dear eperelez,

That picture is highly inappropriate as it illustrates the buttocks of a young male child

It’s ok, APP. The Hall Monitor is there to rectumfy the sitiation.

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Dear orochizoolander,

The racial slur, “nigga”, you used will most likely offend someone of African descent.

Even if it’s used in a non-racist context, i.e. terms of endearment, it’s still a derivative of the word “nigger” which has a long and ugly history.

Please refrain using any racial slurs.

I wonder if people who are actually involved in these kind of groups really think they are doing something worthwhile. Of all the problems in the world you could be trying to fix, how do you come to prioritize discouraging foul language above everything else?

That video is amazing.

So what happens to us if we use profanity…would we have to hear it from Mrs. Jeff? We’d just tell her that her son’s a bitch.

This thread is wonderful.

well assuming this is not a troll from Johnlson Jeff’s IP… :coffee:

It would have been more impractical (yet effective) to have a string of of your agency’s personnel use various IPs and get them selves band from SRK for excessive profanity… then you could have approached the site owner and offered moderator services with your clean IP and organizations handle.

Just a thought for when you try this on another site chief. :tup: make the profanity work for your cause.

‘If you wanna be my peer, please respect my ears’

Oh my lawd gawd Jesus. I am crying right now. :rofl:

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