An irrational beating, justified, or lulz?


This video of a judge beating his daughter with a belt was hidden by the daughter since 2004. The daughter used the internet to download something, against the wishes of the father. He considered it as stealing. This was the punishment.


The discussion is whether or not you find it offensive, or “meh”. Apparently the daughter thinks it was worthy of saving until the right time, which is now. Personally, I’ve seen just as bad in stores. I think the lashes to her front are a bit much, but if she would have simply turned around as told, they wouldn’t have happened, and the whole ordeal would have been shorter.

As far as daddy is concerned, either he was getting pleasure of the ordeal, as one could think from the ending rant, or as a judge he sees downloading as the crime it technically can be, and was punishing “by the book”

Semantics. 3.2.1. Gogogogogogo.

Here we go again: SRK GD Awards 2011

corporal punishment is still in these days?


That’s not corporal punishment in that video. That’s abuse. Almost every sort of abuse.


I’m not gonna lie, I watched the video in hopes of being turned on.
Disappointed, 0/10 would not watch again



anyways, that’s seeeeeriously fucked up. and I have to wonder why I learned about this from an FG forum of all places.


This judge is a total pussy. If he wants to hit someone that badly, he can go find someone capable of putting up a fight.

Hopefully she destroys his ass with this video.


You guys consider this abuse? What went on in my household seems like rainbows and ponies then.


that’s it,? i was expecting real abuse. Fairly dissapointed in the performance. Man hits like a bitch with that belt.

dissapointed with the dad because Not only did he knew he made his point he continued.

but with that little whore. Black mailing is a bitch ass move.

still daddy needs to learn the fine line between abuse and punishment.


I think he went overboard for what it was but, at my house growing up there were certain rules you didn’t break or you got your ass tore up. Usually only took once or twice to learn the boundaries.


“Fuckin’ Computer…”


What did she download, Documentary on Darwin??

When I was a kid, if I did something bad I would get a beating, but my parents are from Africa, they have a certain mentally to bring up kids which most westerners would frown upon. I support parents that spank their kids for doing wrong, but these people go to far to the point it’s traumatizing to the child.


Yeah, every parent that uses physical punishment has to deal with that whole pushing the boundaries thing. I remember a few times my mom wanted to smack me upside the head for something, and i would hide behind a locked door, which she would proceed to try to knock the fuck down. I eventually had to decide between a beating from a now adrenaline fueled mother, or my dad who will be pushed by my mom to punish me, combined with the fact she broke a door trying to get to me.

I had a few events where my dad tried to overly punish me, and I stepped up to him. He learned HIS lesson them days. I wouldn’t ever record myself being bad, then fighting a punishment from a parent (who will thus have to step up their game), then publish it, unless this is an everyday occurence.


Whatevah! I do what I want!


I seriously hope the people here who support this are trolling. if not, I hope someone cuts off your balls before you get the chance to make babies.

that was not punishment, that was some abusive asshole getting off by beating his own child. I hope someone kills him.


Totally agree.

People are you fucking morons. Now that girls gonna grow up to either be a prostitute, crackhead, or a serial killer.


It gets better.

Turns out he’s alleged to have been corrupt on the bench as well.

Perhaps this investigation into his character will lead to a going-over of his professional activities, and maybe further damage to his livelihood.


a guy complaining about his trial, on a forum, does not make a corrupt judge


I love how they start saying things about taking your punishment as a grown woman. Then the judge leaves, and comes back shouting that he missed his turn. Holy shit hahaha. Those parents are the most fucked up people, it seems as if they can’t even begin to think about rationalizing with her. This guy is literally an insane douchebag with the lowest possible grasp on his intellect.

Basically anyone who enjoys being called Sir is a god damned weirdo. Plus, the daughter has cerebral palsy. Good look everyone who is defending him.


1 slap would be corporal punishment.

Using a belt, screaming, doing “good parent, bad parent”?
That’s abuse.

Anyone who doesn’t see it probably went through it themselves, hence why they feel it’s “normal”.
Hint: it’s not.


Because murder is so much better than the belt.