An issue playing wolverine controller



everytime I try to wave dash, I keep accidently triggering his berserker rage, so now I have to washdash a lot slower than with any other character. Is there anyway to deal with this issue on an Xbox controller, or is this just how wolverine is for all controllers (including pads, sticks, etc.)


Well if you’re wavedashing then you’re inputting :atk::atk: then down, so multiple wavedashes quickly = :atk::atk: > :d:, :atk::atk: > :d:, :atk::atk: > :d: etc.

The third dash command will cause B.Charge to come out because you’ve just done two :d: inputs which makes up the :d::d:+:atk::atk: for B.Charge.

Alternatively you can plink dash by just inputting :atk:~:atk:, and thinking about it now it might be possible to wavedash with :f: to :df: instead of neutral to :d:, so that you don’t get two :d: inputs… It’s something I’ve never tried before cause i’ve got used to moving Wolverine without getting B.Charge.


I also noticed though that when looking at my inputs, B. Charge would trigger even if I didn’t input :d::d:. I guess it can trigger based on the speed down is input and ignore any :atk::atk: until the system registers two consecutive :d:, despite the attack buttons in between.

hmm, I’ll try these alternatives. In the meantime, I just recently picked up Wolverine to so I guess I need to get used to his style and practice more, thanks for the help.


Yup as he said you need to plink dash or you will get charge. Plink dashing is better anyways once you get the hang of it because using your stick hand to press down and pressing 2 buttons will always be slower than basically mashing