An odd question


I’m sorry if this is to go somewhere else but it is a newbie question, Hi I’m sort of a newbie to the whole FGC thing, I can hold my on decently well at street fighter but when it comes to interaction with the community that’s where my knowledge runs out, you see CEO 2014 is in Orlando this year and I’m really excited to go but well this is where it gets odd, can someone give me a good explanation of what I’m going to expect? maybe a sort of “dos and don’ts of a fighting game tourny” I know there is a lot of first time convention tip tutorials but never can I find one explaining what the experience is going to be like, and hopefully ways I don’t make an idiot of myself, sorry if this is a dumb question but I really am worried :p. thanks for reading.


The main thing to be aware of IMO is that participating in the tournament is 50% of the event. Meeting other players and making friends is just as important. Case in point 6 months ago I met a guy at a KOF tourney, we became friends, and he’d invite me back into downtown Houston for some casuals about every week. I didn’t have a job and am a college student (read that, don’t got no paypah) so I couldn’t spend the money on unnecessary gas. Turns out his company was hiring, and now I have a job which affords me a bit of money to go play KOF with him and go to local tournaments. All this happened because I sat down next to him in casuals and chatted with him.

Sorry this got kinda off-topic, but I feel this is something extremely important that most first-time tournament players don’t understand


Pretty much what RadicalFuzz wrote, participating is big. Before the tournament starts, all the stations for every game is open to casuals. Take the time to play with others, (I sure didn’t take advantage of that). Once the tournament starts, everything is in the works. Here’s a don’t, don’t arrive to your pool late. They will DQ you if don’t arrive on the time of your match. Best way to avoid that, is to play casuals at your pool. There really nothing you could do wrong, just follow what ever rules they have at the venue and don’t arrive at your pool late

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DO: expect a good time
DO: know that everyone there is probably like you
DO: meet some people, for the small talk.
DO: know when to say things to people. Like you go to some random person and rape his earhole full of hype isn’t that common.

Don’t: go nutjob fantasizing everything is gonna go the way you want it. it’s videogame event. nothing else.
Don’t: leave stuff around
Don’t: think you’re going to win and get the hype monsters on your cock. you’d disappoint yourself.
Don’t: expect too much

You’ll have fun. Go find some people you really like and spend the night in the room. in some ways this is really good.nosex