An official art tutorial link thread

Hopefully this can become official and stickied. I thought this forum couldn’t hurt having a thread for tutorials, whether it be from members of this site or you linking to other sites (which I am about to do a lot of right now). Although I have never really been able to draw well, I can help people from time to time I guess. So let’s get it started. I’ll have to start with a few ‘shortcuts’ because it’s late. It’s basically a bunch of other sites. a portal of links to tutorials and reference material. same as above, with all the HTML links just there in the open so you can go on a Firefox bookmark importing spree if you liked what you saw from the first link. the tutorial section of the forum. I recommend checking out the rest of the forum for some great and possibly inspiring work. Society of Figurative Arts forum. Yes, the regular forum. You go from there, because I’m turning in for the night. I’ll try linking to specific tutorials in the future.