An official unlockables thread

I wanted SRKs opinion on what unlockables and extras should be in fighting games, and how to get to them. On top of good gameplay, secret stuff and extra content is what fighting games need as they traverse into the next gen. Perhaps a lot of both, too.

Some of you may laugh at that. Youre right, in some sense. Fighting games dont need secret content and unlockables. They need for arcades to be popular again. They need for you to have friends always ready to battle you when you feel like playing. That shit would help them thrive. Sadly, that shit is in low stock today for most of America. Arcades havent fully recovered from the damage the consoles did, and chances are, your friends dont know as much as you in fighters when they do show up.

Gameplay is important. Its the system of the game, and if there are flaws in it, then the games messed up and un-fun. Thats not the way it goes 100%, but lets round for now. Yeah, gameplay needs to be solid in more fighting games nowadays. But what happens when soliditys in place? Gamers are supposed to play the game and get good at it. A good number of them dont care to. Why? Because theres no real incentive. Theres no obligation to learn the system like there is in action games. In, lets say, MGS3, you need to learn how to get around or youre dead. If you dont care to learn gameplay in fighting games, its a blah situation most times.

You see, in Resident Evil 4, you dont need another person around to pop the ganados. In Shadow of the Colossus, you dont need somebody watching as you take down one of those damned giants. You do, however, need another person around to play fighting games to the fullest. Whats worse is that that person has to be on or above your level, or youll get bored. Like I said before though, arcades arent in good shape now, and friends arent magic. Chances are, most times you play your games at home by yourself. The computer gets boring/purposeless to all of us eventually, unless we have a reason to go on. I know some of you out there with VF4 Evo only ever touch it because of Quest Mode.

Thats why Ive been vocal on my appreciation of single-player modes and stuff like that. Gameplay is very important, but its not THE GAME. As the consoles get better, the majority will want more out of their games, regardless of genre. It would be great for fighters to have lots of good unlockables and extras and fun ways of getting to them. Not that ordeal with the MK Krypts (UGH!).

The thing is, I was thinking that the pathways to unlockables could serve a purpose. They could, somehow, educate the gamer about the game, while being fun, and giving the gamer a reason to keep playing. We need more of that stuff that coaxes the player into playing and getting good at it. This is where I need your opinion. I need SRKs idea of unlockables and pathways that are good enough to work for. The idea is to suggest something youd like to see in a game, and/or a system for unlocking things.

NOTE: Let me warn you that the above post may be subject to change. Not in ideas, but in words. It’s long as hell, I know.

Damn, I forgot about starting off. Okay.
I like customization and story mode. NOT create-a-fighter, but changing the look of the original fighters. I would have liked Soul Calibur III even better if it had heavy customization for the main characters. Maybe a deep story mode as well, instead of CoTS. Why not? The characters in Soul Calibur seem to be the most overlooked. I dunno why, but SC has an undead pirate, a demon knight, and a ninja, and I just don’t care that much. That should be the holy triumvirate for me. A deeper story mode (with different cutscenes) would have been better and made the characters more interesting. This is, of course, in substitution of all the CAF stuff they had.

But perhaps, unlocking could try a different approach. What about a grading system that grades you on what you’re doing and rewards? An A+ per fight gets you X amount of points for spending. It would vary between modes. Would that fly or just crash?

When I think about unlockables and extra modes in fighting games, I always go back to the Street Fighter EX series Expert Practice Mode. For those who haven’t played the game, it was a 1 player mode where each character had 16 missions. The first few missions for a character were usually just performing their special moves. However, as the missions progressed, you had to do certain combos or other feats (like getting an X-hit combo or keeping them in the air for X seconds, etc). These allowed you to learn quite a bit about the character and many were difficult enough to pull off that you really needed to put some time into it.

This type of mission mode has been revisited somewhat in GGXX#R, however, the missions in #R get difficult really quickly and don’t seem to guide you the same way through learning the character as the EX missions. In addition, the #R missions don’t really unlock much that can’t be unlocked in other ways.

i don’t like too many rediculous unlockables… aka, tekken 5, virtua fighter 4, and soul calibur 2/3… it takes sooo long to get all the shit, why not spend the time more on actually fighting? thing about tekken 5 is that you can unlock the hidden characters relatively quickly, therefore get right into the game. mvc2 is the same way… but unlocking shit like sunglasses for your character, or gallery mode, IMO… are just retarded.

Unlockables are good, but you should be able to play the complete arcade game without having to spend time unlocking stuff. I hate the shit that Tekken and MvC2 pull. Extra console only characters as unlockables is okay, having to unlock characters that are in the arcade version is pretty lame IMO. I buy the console port to be able to play the arcade game, and mindlessly slogging through arcade mode isn’t too enjoyable to me. Maybe if fighting games had a more unique single-player experience I’d feel differently, but until then I’d rather spend my time in practice mode or playing other people than being forced to play arcade mode to unlock shit.

i hate having to unlock characters with the exception of ultra unbalanced bosses and stuff like that. beyond that, the only stuff that should have to be unlocked are new costumes, character customization things, and art galleries, and even then it shouldnt be a chore to unlock them.

i think DOA ultimate had it right. all that you have to unlock is the retardedly broken boss, two characters that werent in the arcade version, and tons of costumes that you can unlock all at once without torturing yourself too much. also, the unlockables werent things that would hurt the game to not have, but it was still rewarding to unlock em

soul calibur 3 had it very wrong. not only do you have to unlock a large chunk of the cast, but doing it sucks ass. also, the create a fighter barely had anything till you unlock shit through their painful single player modes

chronicles of the sword doesn’t even work on mine… it was gay

I’m not sure if what I’m about to say goes with the topic, but I believe that it would help casual gamers if there was a “strategy and tactics” patch for the specific fighting game. For example, let’s say someone finds out something that will forever change how the specific game is played, someone can upload what they found out on the internet as a patch download, the casual gamer downloads the patch and teachs them how to do said tactic efficiently.

id rather not have it work, than to have its unholyness polute my soul.

also id like my save file not corrupted

Yeah, CoTS had it’s problems, even though I liked it (a little).

That’s one thing I forgot. I love all this single player stuff, but it should be just an option. By that, I mean that there should be different and equal avenues for getting stuff. You HAD to play ToS, Soul Arena, or CoTS if you wanted to lay down some serious cash in the shop. There were no other ways. I like the modes, but I’m sure a lot of people don’t like being forced like that.
We need several ways.

sf 2 bonus stages. all the funky Tekken games where pretty fun (Tekken Ball was my fav).

Opps I thought this thread talks about unblockables…

Only unlock I like about Tekken 5 is StarBlade. What also fun, if you have a turbo controller, your lasers have turn into Star Trek style phasers. Basically, you can wiz through it in one credit this way.

Also, Tekken 5’s bonus Tekken games are also cool too. Somehow their almost arcade perfect. Only thing not perfect is the fact all characters on 2 and 3 are unlocked already, which is a big convenience.

If only Midway did this with MK3 on Midway Arcade Treasures. But from the look of things, unlike Midway, Namco themselves seem to emulated the 4 ROMs.

I fucking hate having to play modes other than practice and vs. mode. It’s why to this day I haven’t learned anyone other than Jin and Yoshimitsu in TTT. Because I don’t want to go through arcade mode to unlock characters. Characters should always be auto unlocked in home version.

On a similar note, thank god for leaving practice mode on all night, else I’d never have learned to play mvc2.

i didn’t even attempt it… i found it too obnoxious after i unlocked devil jin, i was done trying… don’t care about the devil within thing… never even bothered with it… and the old games being already unlocked is a nice A++

If you didn’t have to unlock Magneto no one would play the fucking game.

Unfortunatly, the total points you could get is 9999. So to unlock everything this way, you’ll have to leave it up for like 7 days with pauses.

But you could just beat the level 8 computer and just do broken shit like Cable/BBHood/Juggernaught Triple teams, AHVB x 3 combos, etc. I mean, even at Level 8, it still sucks. But yeah, you would have to do this 100 times. Don’t know if you get alot more if you beat it without losing a character.

all it takes, honestly… put damage high, time on infinite, beat every round with a DHC, and you get about 4000+ points in 20 minutes after beating the game… just use cable… and when it’s over, DHC to hailstorm or PC for the kill

nice av m1x4h

thank god namco decided to include that demo disk with Soul Calibur 3, because it includes a tekken tag tournament savegame with all characters unlocked (also a tekken 4 one). i didnt have to lift a finger to unlock a single character