An old school combo vid ( by sfteam)


just finished …

how come ??

Not sure. When I try to download it, it says, “A connection with the server could not be established.”

yo, that game use to be the bomb!
Wasnt it called Saturday Night Slam Masters?

Damn, I would love this. Link is dead, anyone know a mirror?

access forbidden!!! 403!!

its not working for me either… .

this is hard to explain …

ist a problemm… dont worry in a 1 or 2 hours that bug will be fixed :slight_smile:

EDIT : Bug fixed… the video is available for download again :slight_smile: (refresh if donest work)

:wink: joo safed the day

Another problem…
the web site will we move to other server… the reason the: bandwidth
the website will be online again in 4 hours aprox.

Well after work veeery hard all day … i finaly move the web to the new host… and i uploading the video now… in 2 hours will be finish the upload…
ah and the web will have soon new mp3’s, and videos like a SFA3 Dhalsim combo video, or some ST matches and of course the hoped MSH combo video
The use this URL

The video are online now.

Great Vid, really nice to see some support for Muscle Bomber/Slammasters series. I think this game plays pretty horribly but I love the graphics and character designs, so great to see this vid.
Nice to see and origonal MB/SM combo at the end of the vid too. Capcom should have stuck with the old 4player open play area format, what was the point of making another (very poor) SF style game?!?! Especially as Muscle Bomber made a nice change from SF.
BTW is there any chance of seeing some 4 player Muscle Bomber matches posted on here? Those are great fun. BTW the guy who won the Slam masters national tourney (the ONLY official Capcom tourney in the US) is an EVO competitior and SRK member: Jason Nelson. Would love to see him post on Slammasters, I have no idea about tag team tactics, tiers etc…
The one trick I do remember from the Gamepro tourney article is that Jubmo Flapjack (my fave chara) can re-dizzy you with his stomp.
Anyway, great vid. Hope to see some more.

I can’t get the video to display properly. What codec do you need for this?