An old video of Daigo vs. Mike Watson from EVO2K6

I recorded this video a few years ago at EVO2K6 on the Saturday the had Anniversary Collection version of SFII: [media=youtube]4qctTvpuyVc[/media]

Does anyone recall whether who was using who? Daigo using Guile or Ryu? I want to say Ryu, but I have seen older vids of him using Guile as well.

Typically, when I record videos, I normally announce the players in accordance to their 1P/2P positions, but I don’t remember vividly who was on which side.

Many thanks in advance!

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Daigo not use Ryu.

Daigo was Guile. If I remember, he lost to Jason Nelson in Winners and Valle in Top 8 Losers, so he couldn’t have lost a set at any other point.

Also, if Watson won there would have been a big cheer at the end.

Case closed. Thank you very much.

Keep in mind watson doesnt do well on console sticks…messed up on dps

there was a guy named jake who used to play at circus circus las vegas (circa '92-'93), his ryu would have won. this guy invented footsies and the crossover roundhouse jab grab

i would have probably won with a true ce bison