An Open Apology To Wolfkrone (No seriously, stop laughing)


You can’t even get dubs on SRK

Edit: You’ve been here long enough to know better on quoting images.


Thread needs to be closed for being off topic here.


Wait for me!

Edit: Aight, I’m in. You can close it now.


I hear Wolfkrone actually tried to respond to this shit, but as his keyboard was made by the same guys who made his pad it disconnected before he could hit send.





WTF is a Krone anyway?

Korean branded Mortal Kombat copycat robot?





Are you really an anthropologist?


He really is.


I have my bachelor’s in anthropology. That’s how I got this here position at SRK.


He uses his time here in SRK to study homo (as in the genus homo).


Then he has to ensure Magnus doesn’t reverse polarity and magnetize everybody into a homo-nucleoid-sapien-no-lipped-play-doh-Vampire-man-Akuma




@COAL what say you?


That actually kinda cool to hear.


If you’re going to apologise to him in person make sure he takes the headkrones off first or he might not hear you.


I think the solution Pertho presented is the only way to resolve this issue.

If you would not grab his Penis and shake it like you would a hand; the only other solution that is acceptable is a fight to the death.

The Left hands of both parties are tied or handcuffed together, and the right hand a large knife is present, some people will go as far as duct taping the knife into the hand so the knife can not be dropped or changed grip.
The one remain living is the right one in the debate, the victor assumes all rights, responsibilities, titles, ownership of property and other holding, and the wife/husband/spouse of the loser. You may also trigger a quickening.

Cutting off your own left hand will make you forfeit, you don’t die but lose all lands, titles and wealth and spouse and your penis gets cut off in front of the public.


^ To restore the bond between them, I suggest a friendly reach around while whispering sweet nothings in each other’s ear. The loser of the coin flip has to go first. Afterwards they will shake semen coated hands in a symbolic gesture of peace and love. They will then both say “No Homo” which will then completely void out the homosexual act and live in peace.


That is the more modern version. Semen is optional.