An original character

Firstly I gotta give all you guyz propz on the csfac thread, all you guys seemed to have improved greatly over such a short period of time ^ ^

hopefully I’ll have somethin for the thread soon, I just had enough time today to bust this dude out.

crits/comments welcome ^ ^

looks perfect in either a GG type game or a RPG

isn’t it spelt “Valkyrie”?

female, I’m assuming… more curves would be nicer, but I’m really liking the character design. The blue accents at her hair & elbows is a nice touch :slight_smile:

its a dude

pronounced Val-keer (i made up the spelling)

lol who cares wat his name is good shit doc spr0cter! he reminds me of like a Ky Kiske mixed with Sol Badguy! cool shit anywayz!


sorry man, wrong assumption on my part. Name’s really close to “Valkyrie” though, might cause some confusion.

nice character design comment still holds :slight_smile:

Looks pretty good man. Watch your proportions. The bottom half of his leg is a little long. From hip to knee, and knee to foot should be about the same length. I agree with Rook about the name too. Valkyre is too close to Valkyrie. I’d change the spelling.

1/2MAN1/2GOD: Thanx man, I kinda thought the same thing myself ^ ^.

Rook: Yeah I agree with you on the name, I just couldnt think of a good way to spell it, perhaps valkier?

ChainWhore: I noticed that, but by the time I did, I had already finished drawing out that boot, and I was so attached to it I kinda left it ^ ^.

Thanx all

reminds me of chipp/sol
good shit, looks clean…color it up a little more though. imo :tup:

Nice. Reminds me of Cloud Strife for some reason.