An other post about timing but please some1! Help

How can u guys read the frame with so much accuracy, ok all my trial like in SSf4 and SSFea4 and now Sf x Tek end aroudn lvl 12 because i am not able to link any low correctly ie: juri Trial no 13 in Sf x Tek, the high kick crouch never enter even if i do everything fine when i check my log. And cammy by god i wanna play her and for some reason even the mid kick stand medium punch never enter or whatever the combinaison, please this is a shout from the heart help me !

Each caractheres in all figthing games have to do those low chain link, how do you guys do, how do you practice and learn, i practice everyday since 3 year now and practice but i dont get it ive spend hours to try whatever and it wont work !
How do you guys do ? what the recipe? How do you guys proceeds when u play ?

i guest every1 gonna say the same thing as this post …

That, along with these two.

Both threads have information and videos regarding performing links and combos.

thx any help is appreciate its like knowing something exist and yet i cant get control on it …