An SvC2 done in kofXII style would own so hard


They wouldn’t even need to update the sprites for the existing characters (I would assume SNK would wait until after XIII, both for more SNK characters, and more complete movelists), and they could just do sfhd-like redrawn frame overlay rather than re-doing the characters from the ground up for the sf cast (and use sf3 characters). of course, this would take a helluva long time, but just imagine…it would be so sweet. They might not even have to change the engine at all, just toss in the sfa/3 characters. If this sounds stupid, sorry. it’s just idle musing. It’s Sunday, I’m re-installing Winxp on my laptop cuz a trojan butt-raped it, and I really have nothing to do at the moment…so here I am playing kofXII online and posting on the old desktop between matches.


I feel your pain in butt-rape by trojans.


good idea,
if only for sf charcaters in a 2d game again.

is sorry for your butt.


Anything done in the Kof 12 style would “own so hard” but it would also take like a decade to be completed without compromise unlike Kof 12 itself.


its a shame none of these billionaires used to be avid fighting gamers.

i’d fund a 2d game like crazy if i could.
1000 man team ftw.


I heard bad things about SvC Chaos.

What was bad about that game again? I still haven’t played it.


Well, while it treated the Capcom characters with equal respect (something Capcom has yet to get the grasp of when handling other companies’ intellectual properties) by matching up the most recent versions with their own characters, they sadly used playmore’s shitty kof2k3 engine (sans tagging) instead of either the 98 or 2k2 engine. Nothing had impact or weight, no rolling = really shitty mobility options, they added something called gcfs (guard cancel forward step: block then cancel your block to get close and attack without block-stun so your opponent is still in their attack animation and wide open, and also usable to extend combos, but is so fuckin’ awkward to use, AND consumes meter). Basically, they would have been better off just doing Kof98/2k2 vs SF. They got the Capcom cast down perfectly, btw. The only thing missing was Ryu’s Joudan Sokutou Geri, but even Capcom themselves doesn’t seem to want that move included outside of Sf3, so full movelists for everyone. The game’s engine and gcfs just make this game very lackluster. Hell, I think they would have been better off just using a tweaked (gcfs-less) version of the engine used in NGBC…just lower the damage, and make every fight to the full finish rather than one character dies = you win/lose.

If you can get this game for less than 20 bucks, give it a shot. I guess. And when an snk nut is lukewarm about an snk game, make of that what you will. The intro is all kinds of bad-ass, though.


this ain’t happening anytime soon because the snk/capcom agreement is since long over


You pretty much summed up how I felt about the game, it felt very clumsy and awkward to play. On top of that the backgrounds were very drab, bland, and barren and the music was…not bad but not good either. The games presentation and aesthetics just lacked the quality and charm that SNK’s older titles had, older titles that were released over a decade before SvC Chaos, it severely looked like a low budget title and that’s unforgivable.

I too liked the roster better than Capcom’s efforts(Demitri over Morrigan for once and Tessa!)
and SNK’s interpretations of said Demitri and Sagat were awesome.


Rhio2k but you forget something…the MaxMode in SVC Chaos was modeled AFTER KOF 2002.


Yeah, I know…but that damn gcfs pissed me off, and just fucked the game for me. Kof characters without the ability to roll…oh, gcfs, you make-a me SO mad!!


Shit, I bet I can rekindle that union. I’ll just send a bouquet of flowers to Capcom’s president, and one to SNK’s president, and put the address, room number, and meeting time for a local love hotel on a card with a condom stabled to it inserted into each bouquet, and on the back of both cards: “SvC 2 negotiation” with a heart border.


^ hahahahahahaha…eherm…That is quite disturbing sir.


I never played SVC but I’ve seen videos, and Hugo looks ridiculously huge in the game.



I wouldn’t be so sure in calling it “being fair to Capcom” - it had the worst gameplay versions of Boxer/Claw/Dictator that I can remember. There’ something about many Capcom/SF characters… many just don’t work too well with 6 buttons alone. Obviousl y there’s exceptions in CvS1, but there are more victims, imo. (MvC2 has assists to make up for just 4 attack buttons, so it’s different.)

As mentioned, KOF/SNK characters without running or rolling feels quite different, too. SVC was basically this turtlefest, and whoever got to GCFS-punish something first usually won. Thankfully, NGBC improved on most of the mistakes.

Hugo with manual parry is fun for like 2 minutes, then you realize he’s one big, hopeless target.


if something I hate about CVS is how all the snk characters feel in that game

shit, my kof skills don’t translate to that game

I wished SVC would have done the same to the capcom characters, and that is giving the characters snklike moves and supers.

I can still dream


Eh, this kinda stuff happens in every KoF, SvC is not unique in that aspect.


I’d say it’s definitely worse there than in the usual KOF though. It’s not just the Ryo punch missing point-blank - lots of things do. It’s definitely something in a direction opposite of the big ones I remember from KOF’ 98 and the like.


We should all start writing some emails and make this happen


SvC was so hilariously bad… The two most retarded work anywhere infinites of all time + GCFS = MEGAWIN. Even without Geese and Zero the remainder of the boss characters (except Dan of course) were all broken as well. Oh and the presentation was ass, the sound and music were terrible, they must have spent all the precious space in their MVS cart on the opening movie.