An you thought normal advertising was annoying


Meet advert carrying flies.

Im suprised there was no footage of anyone freaking out when they were released tbh, there must have been at least some people with a phobia of them around there.

Suppose hygene must be just a greeting at those trade shows.


Wouldn’t this kind of advertisement give some kind of negative stigma for the product? I mean, everybody hates flies, and seeing the product being assoiciated with flies (especially if it’s some sort of food product or insect repellant) would make people less inclined to get that product.

Though I think it would make flies much easier to kill; grab the tag, and it’s screwed.


^Yeah I would have thought that too, but the logo for whatever it is they are selling is a gient fly so perhaps the product is already related. (Maybe a bug spray or one of those things you plug into a socket and it’s meant to repelm bugs from your home)

Just hope people don’t start painting the adverts onto cockroach shells and releasing them as well.:sweat:


What a weird way to advertise, I really can’t imagine many companies wanting to be associated with flies.