Anakaris Strats

The anarkis thread!

How come no one has made a anarkis thread? He’s a pretty good player with the right team. How come no one uses him? Please post any strats whatever. My trap is him with doom just call doom jump to the other side and do the back forward pp and it will do some chip.

I WILL BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO BE THE FIRST REPLY HERE!!! it’s about dam time srk had character forums for separate games. right now, my best team is Zangief (ground)/Anakaris (variety)/ SonSon (anti air). i’ll convert gief to mech mode with the help of sonson to keep them at bay. then i just go for straight out chasing and SPD attempts. i connect the SPD either ground or air, because either way, the opponent will get madder with every SPD i connect as mech gief. often, the opponent will roll to recover from SPD…but they are rolling right into a FAB as they try and combo to slow down MZ before doing a safe move and i ready the rapid 360 motions. then when mech gief is anywhere below 25% left, i’ll switch him out for anakaris and go for the corner curse infinite. i’ll try and get them into a mummy wrap, call MZ lariat assist and otg them into a short combo to they pop up into the lariat, i jump back and curse and POOF!!! then i repeat. but i noticed on human-controlled smaller characters, they will we in crouching hit stun reverting from the curse and will not be popped up into the lariat. i still need to test out if a lp-cobra blow wil tag them, or if i need to launch em into it to start my infinite. tier-wise, SonSon’s the best on my team, but i won’t go into strategy with her cuz this is an anakaris forum.

Yo, I’m trying to pick up the ancient pharoah, but I’m having trouble finding a team that works with him. I did have Anakaris/Ryu/Tron, but it didn’t work out too well. Right now I’m trying Anakaris/Doom/Capcom, but what would be some good teams with him? Also, with Anakaris, do you rely on ground chains a lot? I find myself doing launch, lp, lk xx Super Cobra Rush with him most of the time.

Naw anarkis is more of the keep away character but he has some good traps with doom! Just call doom when they are in the corner and then b, f pp and get ready to see some chip damage! But his air combos are pretty hard to land. If not just always try to connect his b, f pp as that one and his pharoah illusion do the most damage.

anakaris a keep away character?

well, he’s no pixie (in fact, he’s everything opposite a pixie is), but has a nice rushdown mix-up game

he’s a somewhat power character with great simple combos

dunno how anyone could consider him a keepaway character. superjump coffins can keep away for maybe 3 coffins, but after that, anything goes.

i’d say he’s more grappler-comboer, cuz mummy wrap adds so much to his game, and it’s comboable too in the air, and it’s possible to combo after the wrap. if he didn’t have mummy wrap, he’d lose a good 60% of his game.

Yea he could be a keep away character. With his sonic boom like move you can.

Grr…having trouble with the Pharoah Illusion…How do you juggle them consistently? I always mash the heavy buttons, but I never get anything done…:frowning:

Which direction do you want to juggle them? I juggle them like this. After the he turns into the coffin you have to hit them on the way up. Then i do -> lp <- hp repeat thats how i juggle them.

How can I juggle them well if I just do it out of the blue? Say I do it randomly and they are surprised by it, or I Pharoah’s Curse them. What would I press to juggle them then? I don’t care how they juggle, so long as I get big damage out of it :smiley:

yea… i cant do the pharoah illusion either…
any ez way to combo into it?
cuz i always get owned by sent/storm when i move,
hes just too slow

use whichever kick button corresponds to that part of the screen.

(without holding directions)
lp = left hand slaps right
hp = right hand slaps left
lk = left hand rises the opponent up
fk = right hand rises the opponent up

what i do if i can catch the opponent randomly with a slap is use the correct kick button and hold the direction opposite that hand (if i use lk, i hold right. if i use hk, i hold left). then i alternate the punch buttons to get an average of 7 total hits, 9 if i’m lucky with the mashing.

on cable, max hits i’ve gotten is 12, about 100 damage

Well you got two options, 1. Which assist you have. Say you got someone like ironman or psylocke which has them in the air for awhile the just lp lp --> lk hp then juggle how you want. 2. Just get a combo in the has a launch at the end then real quick lp lp --> lk hp and it will connect! See you guys later!

Well I’m starting to use him with Sentinel and Cable (for now until I find someone else)…but he works well with Sentinel with drone support. He takes a terrible amount of damage though, but fun to use…

Yeah… Cable/Sentinel is great because it lets you play most any mid tier character as your first character. That tandem is my bread ‘n’ butter that gives me room me to use the actual fun characters. :slight_smile:

Even when my Anakaris gets totally 0wned, at some point you should be able to get in at least one clean super jump with your opponent still grounded… once there you can usually build up a meter or two or three if you drop your coffins effectively. The key is that he hovers during the length of the coffin fall and has pretty quick recovery, so well spaced coffins can keep Mags and some others on the ground, chip them down, and let you charge and let your assists recover.

That’s not going to work as effectively once they start respecting your Anakaris and knowing his limitations, though… if you establish much of any kind of pattern with Anak, he tends to die. But he’s mad fun like Dan because there’s no way you should be able to beat somebody with that piece of mummy junk, and yet… he can steal some matches.

How do you do the Anakaris/Cyc infinite??
I forget.

I’m thinking about an Anakaris-?/Blackheart-b/Cyc-b joke team. :smiley:
Both of them can start infinites off of Cyc AAA.
Not to mention, Anakaris/BH may be a good trap/zoning combination.

too bad that team will get rushed like there’s no tomorrow by Mags, Storm, and Sent

I could list a whole lot of stuff but heres a few…

One team I uesd (thats out of the ordinary ) is Anakaris,Dhalsim Tron. It may not seem like a big team but it is if your good with Dhalsim. The easy way to do his infinite is launch opponent knock them down into Dhalsims anti air and then do the curse…you could use Zangiefs (.Anakaris has 3 resets that work well but it envolves a lot of air dashing off the ground like really fast like mags but you can’t control it once you do it . Its Sjump dash Fierce,Roundhouse

Then pyrimid drop, then go low or start it all over.

i am just wondering which super do u guys uses when DHCing into anakaris?
the only 1 of his 4 supers i can pull off to DHC into him is super cobra rush(back to front +PP), and it seems i am unable to use any other ones.
it will be cool if i can DHC into his Pharaoh Illusion…:smiley:

I usually use his Cobra Rush, but at times like when I have the opponent in the air already I use his Coffin Drop super, but it isn’t as reliable. Sometimes the first Coffin will hit and then end up knocking the opponent out of range of the rest of them. If you get lucky though, sometimes (especially when the opponent is already in the air) they will be caught by the coffins and basically un-able to block or escape for most of the super.

can sumone pls post the basic combos of anakaris?

the only AC i can do with him is lp->lk->super cobra rush. i am having MAJOR difficulty in trying to connect mummy wrap (both lp and hp) in his AC. whats the timing how should i link into it? i know it doesnt do alot of demage but it looks awesome in a AC! :lol:

Anakaris (variety) Strider (variety) and Doom (AAA) works pretty well. Strider’s assist helps Anakaris’ zoning game and Doom can help with chip damage. And obviously Strider and Doom go well together.

By the way the mummy wrap is mostly used to keep him safe after a blocked ground combo. Blocked lp mp hp sets them up for QCF+hp.