Anakaris Teams

Any suggestions on good Anakaris Teams and or strategies?

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I realized that i can’t use him at all way to unique for me i guess.

lol…i use
doom(aaa)/anakaris(throw)/sonson or cykes(aaa)

doom/anakaris(throw) is fun to play:

-blocked:, c.lp, s.fp, call in anakaris, anakaris grabs, dash back x 2, > whatever, c.lp, c.fp, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, whiff fk XX ad back + anakaris, land, anakaris grabs, > whatever/repeat

-^^^combo,,, lk XX APA XX pharoah magic(?) fk, lp, D, lk, fp.


-blocked,,, call in anakaris, (lk) gamma charge (whiffs)/anakaris grabs XX gamma crush

doom/anakaris/hulk, c.lp, c.fp, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, whiff fk XX ad back + anakaris, land, anakaris grabs,,, lk XX APA XX pharoah magic, after 3rd freezing hit XX glitched gamma crush…

…good times.



Anakaris/IM/SonSon is what I’ve been playing a lot lately :slight_smile:

lots of good stuff with this team

just ask if you wanna know more about it

damn, im suprised that people hav posted in this thread THIS year :looney:

My main anakaris team has been Anak/Sent/Sonson for awhile (you gotta love that Anakaris/Sonson combination :clap: ) However, recently i hav found new love in Magneto/Anak/Sent.

Magneto and Anakaris dont do THAT well together, but with Mag on point this team goes out all rush!
otg, c.rh, hg tempest, dhc to cobra super = hella damage unmashable:tup:

Me I’d go with


I like to play in fun matches Anakaris/storm/dhalsim.

The infinite anakaris have with dhalsim is incredible!


Hyo played this team a couple years back…Mag + Anak throw assist = mad resets.

c.fp,, ad/df,, land on the ground, standing lp + anak assist, the opponent’ll block and then fall back on the assist and get thrown.

^^^Unless they block low.

Been messing around with this team I stole off of gabe.

Ana/Sent (Ground)/Juggernaut (Variety type I think???the one where he does the belly flop)

Evil ass team…but switch glitch juggernaut in so you can glitch him. evil if your anakaris is good…even more if your sent is good enough. plenty of crazy tricks…juggs assist stops flying sents and can use it to do anak’s curse inf.

with sent assist XXrp is too good. they have to block high for bellyflop…but low for bwahaha

and now of course using ana/chun/tron and ana/morrigan/tron

a lil bit of dhalsim too

Well…I don’t know if anyone else notice but …his throw assist fills a lot of power… Did anyone tried to explore this point ? I try to use him with silver samurai to combo from his assist into lighting storm…

yeah we know.

I sometimes use his throw assist with my Anakaris/Iron Man/SonSon team

while I’m doing my thing with ironman I’ll call his anakaris at the right time…he’ll grab them and then I dash back with IM and go into his infinite.

you can also alpha counter out with it at the right distance and you can grab your opponent out of just about anything.

Anakaris Teams that I like to use are:

Anakaris B–Storm A–Tron Y
Anakaris B-- Sentinel A–Cyclops B

those are my 2 best Anakaris teams since the chemistry is good with them with great support and DHC manuervers.:pleased:

the chemisty is so-so I think. it’s just that any team with storm/tron or sent/cyke is pretty strong.

also from my previous post, juggernaut (belly flop) is great for guardbreaking.

Anarkis and Dhalsim have a really cheesy ifinate using the voodoo doll specail. Dhalsim has to be on AAA

yes dhalsim, cyclops, sent, storm, iron man, juggernaut, storm again, zangief, etc.

opinions on storm proj/anakaris throw/capcom AAA? also Sent ground/anakaris throw/capcom AAA?

what is that…team scrAb? </lame joke>

very good info here w/ some repeats, but that seems to be inevitable