Anakaris unblockable?

ok… i’ve fought the cpu a bunch of tiems… and if i wake up into cobra attack, it seems to be unblockable… i’ve blocked it a few times, and other times, i’ve just not been able to block it…

can somebody test this out?

Do you mean if they stand up in middle of a cobra attack they can’t block it?:confused: :eek:

ok, cpu has a tendancy to go…

clk, clk, chk, cobra strike…

i fall from the chk, and i wake up into the cobra strike… sometimes, depening on how far away from him i am (i’m usually the same distance, ut characters… sentinel would fall closer than if i were using magnus)… like… if i pick magnus, then more than likely, as i rise up into it, i can’t block it… with sentinel i can block it, unless he hits me from further away

i dont’ knwo if this has teh same effect as the sentinel spit or cable’s 4th bullet.

one last thing… i’ve tried this against the cpu, and they block it normally, but OCCASSIONALLY, their block hit is behind them, like sentinels’

hmm…interesting. I will research this when I get a chance.

Yeah, that is pretty interesting. It sounds decent when compared to Sent’s lasers, but:

  1. i don’t see how Anak would follow up with much besides a DHC or hit into assist (which would require somewhat strict timing)…he could cancel into his PCB, but iirc, after a CB, PCB eventually drops them
  2. if this is meant to be capitalized on KD, then outside of FS the opponent would be rolling (which could be used to set up something else actually)

I will check this out a bit later to better understand what you’re trying to explain about Anak’s Cobra Blow. I guess I could put the cpu on all guard, throw with Anak’s Miira Drop and then try Cobra Blow on wake-up. Good post