Anakaris Video Matches and Combo Videos!

I think this thread will show you “LIVE” on how Anakaris RULEZ MVC2!!!

This will be my official thread of giving you links to my Anakaris video matches/combos in my country…

Okey, there are some of my matches with my friend “omegaredish” who excels more on using OMEGA RED…

but please take note that this was played only with a console so… don’t expect too much exhibitions, these are fun matches.


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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You can find video of Anakasis here too:

Yeah I know there are 2002 videos, but guess what? The way these Japanese players play MvC2 is about the almost the same way as most videos coming out today!! The only huge differences are the lack of traps, and more use of low tier characters :slight_smile:

Get these videos for Anakasis:
MvC2_playmax_2002_4_13-5.wmv <== pretty damn cool

PS: Damn 30 people viewed this thread and nobody told me I was missing a link… well I added it. BTW, I don’t know jap, but these two links are from the same site. Does anyone know if this site have other mvC2 videos?

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that DHC from the fk, lp , down, lk, rp is crazy, just leaves them hanging ! i need to work on that combo today after work :smiley:

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but today… I only got one vid uploaded. I didn’t win in this match. And if you’ll wonder with my storm especially in the last scene of my match(not connecting LA xx LS) I’m doing a reset and I’m having difficulties on the controls in doing the storm reset.

In my match against AL3X(Cable/Sentinel/Cyclops), i’ve shown how ANAKARIS beats SENTINEL… just check it out.

BTW, my opponent is one of the TOP players here in the Philippines. IMO, he’s in my top list.

this link, i can’t dl anything… am i just retarded?

Yep =) j/k
Click on the link that says ‘Tape 2 Click Here’ & there’s a listing w/ videos. Only 2 of them have Anak.

Some new vids of mine:

enjoy! :tup:

hey these are pretty good anak matches.Nice zoning and pressure against cable. good job bro…and your storm’s decent too! woohoo reppin south east asia!

EDIT : the iron man assist infinite in MvC2 Anakaris 1 was fuckin sick…damn

Nice vids…omg Gabriel came to the arcade the other day…ugh his anakaris has gotten even more godly…he was undefeated when i left…i bet he still was after…he’s a monster with ana/son/tronne

shit man go to evo, duc do versus the mummy, sprial vs anakaris, now that would be intersting. and more matches please, god damn asian mike z up in here.

Your in chicago?

dude…how the fuck do u do that infinite?? that was so sick!!! can u explain it to me please??

That one 50% combo against Storm was a thing of beauty. If you ever come to NY, hit me up. We’ll get a little Anakaris vs Venom goin on.

Gabriel has the best Anakaris in the world period. NASTY mix-ups.

Yeah I am


Vids are alright, i wish there were vids of Gabriel, that shit is just sick.

more tourney vids of mine coming soon… we just recently had our own local tourney here…

Hell no, the team that owns is Anakaris, Silver Samurai, Omega Red

actually depending on damage scaling(level 1 or level 2). and I’m a Level 1 player… :looney: :rofl: