Anakaris Video Matches and Combo Videos!



no, its a sjc into ad lk infinite. I posted in the TRON forums.

I also figured out another infinite involving the rock, midscreen or corner, but am too lazy to put a vid up :stuck_out_tongue: It’s also a bitch to time


My friend merchie has uploaded an old match of mine(June 2009) in our local arcades just last 2 days. Might as well share it here even though its pretty old haha. The first link is the last upload, the next links were already uploaded last year but I haven’t posted it here yet by link. Mistervader specializes on Spiral Sword Chipping and it was really annoying… haha.

  1. [media=youtube]FIUWuQujH68[/media]
  2. [media=youtube]smp0OzNukAg[/media]
  3. [media=youtube]Xw6Dq8tbTlk[/media]
  4. [media=youtube]1Y5LKAEqbYo[/media]
  5. [media=youtube]yDnHPIs8boo[/media]
  6. [media=youtube]vLF37imXXcQ[/media]
  7. [media=youtube]Pv9B8M12M_Q[/media]
  8. [media=youtube]OAlDuARciDY[/media]

and how I missed my former main team (as I was backreading this thread…) of Anakaris/Storm/Doom. I lost my initial matches posted on the very first post of this Anakaris thread. Now I’m into experimenting with Ken/Anakaris/Son Son or Doom… I’ve seen a beastly Ken/Doom combination when I was in Singapore so I was sorta inspired… (Also seeing VDO’s Ken) Haha!


Nice vids curse! Good day for me to randomly check this thread for the hell of it.


If Anakaris had better defense, he’d be Blackheart tier.

Sick vids Mummy.


no he wouldn’t :frowning: BH would still rape him but he’d at least compete a bit better against the other really good “low” tiers :3


Coffin Drop is Blackheart’s worst enemy vs Anakaris imo… since the coffin drop is an easy hit to him (Experiment… Try to be on the most corner left and Anakaris on the corner right doing the coffin drop HK, BH is being hit by coffin even though he is at the far leftmost standing and blocking, which other average characters aren’t being hit by that same scenario drop)… whether BH is on land or in the air. Since most Blackheart players always attacks in the air… (with demons of course).

See on the last vid: [media=youtube]OAlDuARciDY[/media] on 2:20, 2:23 and 2:30.

There is a time you can just spam coffin drop or do some assumptions. One common assumption when vs BH players is that every after BH does the Heart of Darkness… and you blocked it, He’ll jump again and do the Monster Rain. Try to make a Coffin Drop (HK) like two times, after that, he’ll stop jumping on the next step hahaha! He also jumps higher than the others so he’ll eat up the coffin drop much faster.


I know what do against him. you have some options…but blackheart still owns anakaris unless they’re a scrubby. they can just do more damage and quicker (even if by chipping and trading) o.o

throwing out a curse can usually lead to dolling up if they don’t react quick enough to stop their infxxhod

btw, be careful if you start mvc2 online. his heart has become blacker thanks to a few new glitchy quirks…lol


i’m going to learn to play anakaris/bh/ which anti air?? That duo has some rediculous zoning combination with anakaris on coffin drop assist, both complement each other so well. I’m not sure which anti air to put 3rd, pretty sure that anak can inf with cyc assist too??


I keep trying to tell people that coffin drop is a good assist (probably his best). especially the speed it comes down. that’s quite a while where you can’t really access that vertical column.

yep, you can inf off of cyc. of course BH/sonson isn’t bad either (someone from Chi used to run that duo…and you’ve prob seen vidness do the same)


Wtf are you guys talking about with burning monkeys?

Also, here’s a repost of my Anak matches from the other thread.



Woohoo! Nice Anakaris Matches! Hahaha! Beat them all high-tier teams! Wished I could join as well… haha! :looney:


I appreciate TheMummy, Derek, and Beats posting these vids. It is really speeding up my understanding of the things Anakaris can do.

Thanks guys


some recent matches of mostly me trying out my new anakaris low tier team (anakaris/sonson/thanos)
[media=youtube]fW3a-LMp9ng[/media] sirmixagrip is beastly. but I beat him every time (about 3 times) with my anakaris/sonson/tron (he used santhrax). my ast didn’t do as well. I actually could’ve won the first one if my reality super came out (thanos just stood there instead and took a RP to the face and allowed anakaris to die…)

here I play dereklearnslow. we’ve never really done anakaris mirror matches (let alone low tier anak mirrors) so these next few vids are interesting. you can see the cool evolution (or de-evolution? lol) of high level anak mirror matches. he’s using one of my old anak teams. I used to mirror match with gabriel a lot, but they definitely weren’t like this…


derek was having the problem I sometimes had myself…knowing how to play anakaris…but not remembering how to fight against him LOL! I was also guessing right nearly everytime at the beginning (though I was using my own personal/safer preferences for opening the match)


Son Son's Video Matches and Combo Videos!

Very nice Anakaris stuff guys.


Holy hell, I did like %65 CHIP damage against an incoming Sonson with anak/sonson/bbhood triple team super. I was like woaaaaa.


I told you that shit does HELLA chip. either standing big people, or midair smallies. I would use it a lot against tonyK’s team big since they all get chipped to hell. maybe I came up with that team just to chip juggy >:D

if you have sonson on the assist where she does big monkey during the THC…oh mah gahd!

it’s almost as bad as you’re big monkey taking off 95% against my big monkey before mine finally killed yours.


Whoa, now that is a false statement. Anak has too much in his arsenal already compared to BH. BH is basically one dimensional, although many would deny that in saying he has a lot to offer. BH is just like Cable, his gameplan is bait, and patiently wait for opps to infinite. This is the truth, but people are convinced that BH is such a high-tier, when really he is mid-tier. I dont calculate tier by popularity, I do it by substance. He simply doesnt have enough to convince of being high-tier. As far as his power, yeah…but thats not the only factor in tiers. Anak would be able to keep BH neutral, cause he would do the same thing BH does, lk assist/infinite. This is considering the level of play for both Anak & BH. If both are at the same level, then basically its even. But I would favor Anak cause he has more to offer than BH. Plus Anak’s cobra throw would eat up more life on BH, cause hes a larger target (key point).



you’re wrong. no one cares what YOU calculate by. everyone else who isn’t silly calculates by substance. that’s the only reason he got there :rofl: not by popularity.

lol at thinking his game is only infinite. it’s clearly involves chipping and hitting with infernos xx HOD. a simple infernoxxHOD on immobile anak to a DHC will kill him. with BHs free reset in the new version, he doesn’t even need to DHC to whomp anak.

just stop. after watching that horrible combo video of yours…you are definitely not to be taken seriously. at least when it comes to big silly near-trolling statements like saying BHs tiering is because of popularity and thinking his whole game is just infinite. ugh


Hahaha the Anakaris Mirror Matches are crazy… it was sorta my dream of seeing this 8-9 years ago… and now its posted… hahaha!!! Crazy Matches… Really, I wouldn’t want to rape my own team or character… will probably be confused with my own strats and techniques… if in case I’ll do VS a great anakaris player in a mirror match.


they were silly :rofl:. my mirrors with gabe were usually more rushdown oriented. but yeah…it’s like worse for anak against anak than blackheart. he needs to try to move forward because the Y-axis is taken…but…that’s tricky.

hopefully derek and I will play and flesh that matchup out more (though I don’t know if we want to bother). you could see derek was trying some forward movement stuff.

I’m surprised you don’t have at least 1 more anak player by you. I would think someone would’ve been inspired.

did you catch the epic giant sonson mirror battle? LOL