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Nah, you would think someone who mains Anak would actually agree with me. But, I guess not. Anak’s combo strings along with decent assist would harrass the crap out of BH. Pokes that set up curse infinites (just like BH’s) are better by far, because Anak has more range than BH. BH’s infinite is scaled, while Anak’s is reset allowing more damage. DUH? With BH being taller, Anak could work on that also set up curse infinites (or just aerial combo/cobra). Like someone else mentioned, coffin drop would neutralize demon spam, and make BH stay on the ground more (oops, what does he have on the ground?) Mummy wrap would also frustrate BH, cause he wouldnt be able to spam aerial demons also. Now with BH on the ground, timed mummy wraps with anticipation of roll-outs/backdash to curse infinites. Dude, thats obvious. So, I dont know what game youre talking about, but if Anak’s stamina was that of BH’s, he would defeat BH 75% of the time. Anak’s g-break on incoming BH would take half-life with cobra throw. Anak’s mobility is an issue, but with better stamina it would be compensated. BH without the aerial spamming is a huge target, cause he doesnt have enough on the ground to intimidate Anak. But Anak’s combo strings would strike fear in BH. And to insult my combo vids, those were done at 3am in the morning and it was for scrub/intermediate players. I dont see any combo vids of beats nowhere. Why is that? I made the vid for two purposes, to show you (and others like you) that I am not a scrub by far. And I made them to help players get better. :bgrin:


lol…at so many things

you missed the point. BH is tops for a reason and not because of your bad ideas. no, you’re still missing a lot of important parts including assists. and inferno automatically makes blackheart have the most range (wth are you even talking about…)

no excuses. those vids were horrible. you should’ve waited till later in the day then. they actually further enforce my thoughts (and show everyone else who watched it) that yeah…we probably shouldn’t be listening to you.

you are free to go on my youtube and view my few vids of combos…you know, ones that are actually good, useful, new to plenty of people, and actually are applicable.


You dont think I would consider all of those aspects in a Anak vs BH match? DUH? I thought you could read between the lines and comprehend that I was talking about during the match. Ooops, that was self-explanatory (I guess not x_x) I mentioned assist with Anak…anyway, Im not gonna explain that again. BH inferno is neutralized by mummy wrap ( I would say 50% of the time) And even still, with his stamina being upgraded it wouldnt matter much. Or coffin drop for damage trading. Tigerknee with assist will keep BH on the ground, increasing more oppurtunities for startups. Mummy wrap through BH assisting, aerial coffin chipping and BH cant HOD to counter. Uhh, starting to get it now? And you shouldnt listen to me anyway, remember? Im a scrub. How were the vids horrible though? Explain what was wrong with them, I want to hear your expert opinion…Lady Gaga? pathetic…

And learn how to use correct grammar, youre post are always filled with so many errors. Its like youre retarded or something. Well considering that you couldnt read between the lines previous, it wouldnt shock me.

Peace out…


lol. you. of all people? talking about MY grammar. learning to space and make paragraphs is the first of your many issues with your post (and those issues aren’t even the ones related to your scrubiness and idiocy)

you are big troll (fool)

no, you’re just theory fighting like a scrub. and your crappy videos proves it to me. you’re reading OVER the lines. hell, but someone who said BH is placed because of popularity could ONLY be a scrub.


I noticed how you didnt address the points I made about Anak vs BH though…

I further the point. Anak is better (upgraded stamina) because he doesnt have to depend on assist to do the majority of his damage and attacking. BH without an assist is a big dead roach-like creature who cant fight on his own because he doesnt have the luxury of spamming assist to connect his telegraphed inifintes. Anak has too much to throw at BH and BH can only inferno for HOD chip damage. How long can he do that before Anak completely washes him off to shore where he belongs? Anak solo would make BH look like the mid-tier character he is, cause he wouldnt be able to connect anything. The only way BH could connect anything is if Anak showed a tremendous amount of arrogance and stopped blocking. Thats the only way he would actually connect anything, and that would only make BH look worst because Anak would be showing pity towards alien boy. Anyway, back to the pros of Anak vs BH. BH’s assist into infinite is limited to people who dont pay attention to this telegraphed tactic 100% of BH players use. They jump all over the place, not focusing on BH’s assist into infinite or HOD. THATS the reputation that is soooo overrated that BH has, because players dont pay attention. I dont care if good players dont either, they arent gods so they have a lack of focus also (even I have that sometimes in MvC2) But for you to say Anak would get stomped by BH is complete BS (which should be BH’s abbreviated name btw) BH is a alien Cable, who spams so much it makes the game boring. Hmmm, that may be why people lose to BH, because their awareness is drained heavily by the boredom of defending spamming demons all day. So they get tired and say: “Well, Im tired of playing, I’ll let him win…”

Anak - 7 out of 10
BH- BS out of 10

Paragraphs? Least I have the common sense to capatalize my words with new sentences.


I have played Beats Mummy and lets just say I would defer to him on this one 9.


You are mistaken completely and utterly.

Bh is top tier in this version(his infinite is actually a reset just like anakaris now)

No need to really flame you, plz practice more.


Oh yeah the Super Saiyan Monkeys are sick!! Haha Almost whole life of your Son Son was out…Haha! In level 1 we did that but it was only 1/3 that was taken out of her life. Well of course I’ve got some players (of friends) here that got inspired as well, at times I got myself on my own trap but usually most of the time, I still own their Anakarises’ and they use Anakaris just for fun matches. They still lack some moves, strats and skills that I have and they are afraid of using their Anakaris against our top players using god/top tiers. I told them I’ve been looking for a great anakaris player(s) to challenge my anakaris during like 7 years ago (2003). But nowadays, its not anymore, more on just enjoying the game while it lasts.

And yeah, I experienced like I should try to get closer to Anak(But there’s son son) or just be at the other end of the screen (Because of that Coffin Drop trading)… Anak VS Anak is a trading game… Tissue Paper VS Tissue Paper haha!

About the recent topic… I think 9Revolta has quoted my “Coffin Drop” as an effective tool vs an Airborne Blackheart. This is just what I think… usually I feel more confident in winning with my Anakaris vs any Blackheart(I have dealt with numerous Blackheart players here who can do the infinite as well). So yeah it still depends on the player’s skill and its different here since we play @Level 1 Damage. So this topic is still debatable or what, but still BH is still Top Tier. and been proven already on tournaments @EVO afaik.

Random post: An inspiring clip on why you should use Anakaris versus (or eats) Sentinel and why Cable 4 X Loves “Lumpiang Shanghai Rolls” (Mummy Wrap) Hehe!:

[media=youtube]FIUWuQujH68[/media] @2:30 :slight_smile:


lumpiang shanghai rolls indeed.

and it’s more like super rough toilet paper vs super rough toilet paper.


I understand that all, but he isnt the only person in the world (or in SRK) that actually has skill, and plays with characters like Anak. I play Anak as well, and I know for sure Anak would beat BH if Anak’s stamina was upgraded. He already can do it now, so with more stamina the percentage would only increase. BH is nothing but a overgrown Cable, and I know I’ll get grief for saying that. But thats the truth, and I wouldnt deny that fact. He is slow, has not combo strings, and has one of the most telegraphed methods in the game. And yet people somehow always get beat by him? Like Cable, he is one of the more easier characters to defeat. Just defend low, dont attack assist, and keep the pressure on HIM (dont worry about his assist). I learned that sooo many years ago, and yet I see matches where people get suckered by the same old telegraphed crap that made him popular years back. And the sad thing is, THEY KNOW THATS WHAT HES TRYING TO DO!!! If you know your opponent is trying to do a particular thing (in BH & Cable’s case) it should be quite easy to defend it. Its like getting beat up by an old lady, she has no business beating you unless youre lazy or dont care. People dont have patience against BH, THATS why they lose. They get sluggish and start pressing trying to do too much while BH just waits, Cyclops, BAM!! Now tell me if Im lying? You know Im telling the truth because youve probably done it too. I know Ive lost to BH because of this. So, all in all this was explaining the flaws of BH that Anak would so patiently fight through and gradually beat BH. Its not that difficult to see, and in fact to settle this, why dont we make combo tutorial vids of both to explain the pros & cons?


I find it quite ironic that you call my post horse shit when your avatar actually looks like horse shit. Anak has a lot to make BH nervous, like cr.combo strings that go for like 5 hits. Doesnt seem like much, but he can reach out at BH without getting to close to be infinited (if thats a word) Coffin drops, wait I already explained this all, and I know you read it…so why even contest it? Who cares if BH’s infinites are reset, theyre not as effective as Anaks anyway. Anak can do waaaay more with his infinites than BH can. BH basically has the inevitable HOD after infinite. While Anak can do a whole slew of things like cr.hp launch, tigerknee cross-up with assist to possibly reset for another curse infinite. Too much, and its quite obvious.


just ignore the trolls people. don’t feed 'em. let them keep on makin their silly assumptions and theory fighting and terrible marvel videos. let him live in his own little world.


And dont forget about the range of Anak’s snapout against BH. He can snapout, and kill off assists (like Cyclops or Capcom) with ease. Then what is in store for BH at that point? An embarrassing death, thats about it. Like Mayweather vs Gatti, Gatti is just too damn slow for MoneyMayweather. Gatti tried to connect powershots (the equivalent of BH spamming to HOD) all the while Mayweather was tattooing him with combos from all angles (the equivalent of Anak raping BH) Gatti’s punch to being punched ratio was like 1 to 9 (the equivalent of BH connecting compared to being hit vs Anak) Another pro for Anak against BS…I mean BH. Beats is suprisingly opposed to my thesis here, I mean Anak is one of his favs. He should be backing my points, instead of acting childish and spewing out more nonsense to the community. I know what youre doing, an unfortunately youre too young and immature to debate with me (on any level) Marvel or not, youre too young dude…grow up and appreciate other MvC2 players who are here to help. Others will follow you and say youre right, and personally I could care less. This isnt highschool, which you may have just graduated from years ago. Anak is one of your fav players, and you know everything I pointed out is accurate and you WILL use it against future BH players. I can picture that now, youd debate with me about my advice with Anak or whoev, but would use those very things in a match. Typical, it happens all the time. Youre being stubborn, thats cool. But dont insult me (and my skill) to make yourself look better to everyone else here. They know the truth, we all do…and thats the point about Anak vs BH.


Just respect each others opinions ok? Treat them in a nice way to avoid trolling… :slight_smile:


lol. and him telling me to grow up! hah!. just like how can’t simply space his posts. dude. no one is listening to you except for yourself (and noobs who don’t know better). you’re awful. just stop. go get banned again child.

themummy: he’s been trolling the mvc2 board for a long time with his horrible advice, bad combos, etc. and when other players…many other players. many other GOOD players try and nicely show him how he’s wrong. he doesn’t take it at all. he just keeps on theory fighting and trolling. then he gets banned…then comes back and does it again. and then get’s himself banned again. and now he’s back with his terribly scrubby ideas on the game. he’s an immature, scrubby, troll. people try to be nice, and he still shouts like a child.

but go look at his “combo” vids if you want a good laugh!


No doubt, I respect other people’s opinion. But I dont recieve the same treatment back, so I take offense to that.


lol like hell you do. you’ve gotten enough nice treatment and myself and others have seen it’s useless. so don’t even try to play that card. most people who have seen/dealt with your shit before don’t bother anymore.


Also, his mid-screen airdash cancel with coffin drop/IM RB is great for lockdown. Or you can mid-screen airdash cancel with tigerknee dwn/IM RB for lockdown. You can do that, or mid-screen airdash cancel with curse + IM for pressure/lockdown. Also, w/SonSon work subliminal curses. Heres something to work on. Anak cr.lp2/cr.hp/SonSon/tigerknee/curse. The opponent may have a hard time recovering coming down, so the curse may sneak in to connect (Just some scrub advice for…um…uhh) I think Anak would beat BH all together if he had better stamina, BH doesnt have much to offer without assist spams. And Anak vs BH solo is Anak all the way. Anak’s cr.pokes would keep BH off balance, and make him frustrated. But it wouldnt matter anyway, cause BH wouldnt be able to do much against Anak throughout the solo battle.


Has anyone of you even bothered using the Anakaris/Son Son assisted curse infinite in real casual matches? It works well VS god tiers and some characters as well. It would be great if you can apply it on your online matches so everyone will be inspired and start playing Anakaris / Son Son as well… though I don’t use the curse infinites that much… haha! Will soon post a vid on how you can execute the infinite but first, a little interesting stuff (but very old, its way back 2006 I think).

2x Hyper Viper Hordes (a.k.a. Cobra Blow Super): [media=youtube]eiQ507-DbaY[/media]


nice. only pulled that off a few times, but with the LP being right away, but never attempted much afterwards. waiting a sec to hit def. makes it easier.

tried it midscreen? that momentum setup is necessary to “pull” them into you.

I know gabe has used some jank sonson curse infs. and I’ve messed around with a few. but I generally have a different assist that sets it up more reliably. I think most who play anak realize how good sonson is for him after derek and I have been playing on there =]